how to build a deck on a sloped roof

how to build a roof over a deck hunker

build the frame of the roof on the ground. frame up a box the size of the outer dimensions of your deck using 2 by 4 inch lumber. then run joists connecting the front of your roof with the rear every two feet along the length of your roof.

different types of porch roof designs

a hip roof is a more complicated roof style where all the roof sides slope downwards to the walls. there are no gables and the slope is generally relatively gentle. a square hip roof is shaped like a pyramid. hip roofs are more difficult to build than gable style roofs because they require a more complicated set of roof trusses.

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building a deck on a sloped roof. by john fenton n.b., canada i want to build a deck on a sloped roof. my plan is to open up the roof and sit a couple of 4x4 posts on top of the outside wall. how do i flash between post and roof.

how to build a shed with a slanted roof step-by-step guide

building this single sloped roof shed was an excellent learning experience. preplanning was essential to the build. the shed style allowed more windows near the high wall roofline which adds a lot of light. the greater roof slope sheds snow and water easily too. i presently have ample space for storage and no squeak or bounce to the floor.

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build a sloped roof. using 20 foot 2 by 10s for the rafters; mark each one with a ridge cut at the top, and a crowe's foot at the bottom. position each rafter to both sides of the ridge beam starting at the center; securing each rafter in place using nails and a nail gun. start by securing a few rafters in place;

building a rooftop deck

designing your roof deck. hire a reputable builder to handle the design of your roof deck. many contractors who offer deck building may only provide a few configurations that you can adjust as necessary while others may create something entirely new and unique for your home.

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how to build a pitched roof - all about roof, roofing

building your roof deck on your sloped roof: step 1: firstly, you need to get ahold of all the requirements of a roof deck on your pitched roof from the permit office of your jurisdiction. note down any special setbacks or rules and relay them to your architect.

roof top deck construction

roof top deck construction. proper waterproofing for a roof deck involves installing an epdm membrane and flashing around deck supports and rail penetrations. this is often accomplished using epdm boots that fit over the openings. epdm is a rubber like sheet used for waterproofing surfaces. roofs should be sloped about 1/4' every 12' to shed water.

how to build a roof over a deck hunker

tie your existing deck posts into the roof by extending your corner posts with the 4 by 4 lumber. make the front of the roof the height of the house roof you are presumably tying into, with the rear sloping at a rate of six inches over two feet.

roof decks on flat roofs: benefits and considerations

having a deck built on a flat roof gives it fire resistance and high-quality thermal performance. this type of deck also provides your roofing system sound, structural support. it creates a slope for improved wind-uplift performance and a slope for drainage. rooftop decks offer a large space for growing vegetables and plants in container gardens.

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if you want a deck with a roof, build it with proper support, whether you plan to add the roof initially or down the road. types of deck roofs three types of roofs can typically be found over decks and porches: shed, gable, and hip. a shed roof features a single, sloping surface that starts at the exterior house wall and ends at support posts. it works well for long and narrow decks, but not for deep decks because of the slope required.

how to build a shed with a slanted roof step-by-step guide

how to build a shed with a slanted roof step-by-step guide once the big wall was level and secured in place, i nailed the bottom plate to the floor. i then lifted the end walls into place, leveling and nailing them to the floor and front wall. i placed the bottom plate of the back wall onto the floor.

building a rooftop deck

if youre considering building a roof deck, there are a few things to keep in mind to protect your investment. preparation. before installing a roof deck, you must be certain the roof is stable and weatherproofed. the roof must be able to support 55 pounds per square foot at a minimum.

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step 1. obtain the requirements for a deck above a sloped roof from your jurisdiction's permits office. relay to your architect any special setbacks, such as rules that the front of the deck start 8 feet behind the roof ridgeline or that the height of the deck be no more than 2 feet above the midpoint between the gable and the rear of the roof.