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because we are located in the heart of cedar country, the only place in the world western red cedar and alaskan yellow cedar are grown, we are able to offer superior quality cedar building materials with exceptional pricing. whatever you are looking for, if we don't stock it, we can find a mill to custom make it for you.

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decks made from cedar or Seven Trust decking are one of the most popular outdoor living areas since they can be built in a variety of sizes and styles that complement a family's unique style and budget. the types of activities you will use your deck for will determine how big the deck will need to be.

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home articles the pros and cons of the eastern redcedar. the pros and cons of the eastern redcedar. by pat chadwick / december 2017 - vol. 3 no. 12 / 11 comments; when is a cedar not a cedar? when its an eastern redcedar. the name is a misnomer. this plant is actually a the plus side is im going to have a ton of incredible lumber to

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each deck fastener system method has pros and cons. face screwing is fast and secure but it leaves exposed screw holes that many find unattractive. hidden fasteners leave an unblemished beautiful face but most feel they take longer to install and leave the decking free to move about throughout the year. this can lead to an uneven deck surface.

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hi, i am about to build a deck that will be finished with alaskan yellow cedar. i hav e been trying to determine wether or not i should apply a protective finish to this material and have been getting v answers from, 'leave it be and let it wheather', to 'be sure to seal it from the elements before you lay it down', and everything inbetween.

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page dedicated to alaskan yellow cedar and its close cousin port orford cedar. in addition to our full offering of western red cedar fence products, split rail, boards and timbers we also carry an extensive inventory of alaskan yellow cedar in appearance grade and clears.

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i started building decks in 1989 in atlanta, ga and prior to that i had built a few decks in southern indiana. the majority of the decks were either built with pressure treated southern yellow pine or western red cedar; rarely would i see an exotic Seven Trust deck or redwood deck being built.

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yellow cedar is stronger and has a harder surface; but it is prone to shrinkage move­ment, so it is best purchased kiln-dried. other less common cedar species suitable for decking include port orford cedar, a strong, dense wood from southern oregon, and northern white and atlantic white cedar. redwood and cedar should, at a minimum, be treated

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due to the unique inherent properties of cedar, as long as proper installation and maintenance procedures are followed, it will perform satisfactorily for many years left untreated. should your desire be to maintain the natural color of freshly milled western red cedar or alaskan yellow cedar , a finish should be applied as soon as possible.

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cedar decking . cedar decking the standard in the pacific northwest. beautiful, locally produced, and naturally decay-resistant western red cedar and alaskan yellow cedar have a lot going for them. although a bit more maintenance is required to keep cedar looking its best, it lasts many years and offers a great value for the budget-conscious

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alaskan yellow cedar also known as cypress the slow growing alaskan yellow cedar is a tough, solid tree and the hardest known cedar in the world, while also boasting exceptional longevity. due to its strht grain and yellow colour, yellow cedar wood is very valuable commercially.

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the pros and cons of cedar decking. note: if youre from colorado then there is no contest here you should use kiln-dried cedar lumber instead of pressure treated pine. our dry climate will suck the moisture out of pressure treated lumber and warp it like crazy. thats why we kiln-dry all of our cedar.

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the pros of cedar decking. weve mentioned a few of the cedar decking benefits, but now its time to take a closer look. theres more than just an inexpensive price that makes this decking a good choice for your yard. heres a more detailed list about the benefits of cedar decking. 1. cedar decking is durable

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cedar deck cons . maintenance - cedar decks require significant maintenance. to preserve the decks natural color, youll have to clean and reseal it every two years. even then, the color will fade over time. price - cedar can cost about twice as much as pressure-treated wood. softness - cedar is a soft wood.

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thats because redwood and cedar are structurally rated and can be used in building everything from patio covers to decking and beyond. while they can be used as landscape timber as well, they are overkill for the cost-conscious. a better choice would be pecky cedar and alaskan yellow cedar.