edging or rolling first

the civil war: the birth of photojournalism - photo 21

"a burial party, cold harbor, virginia," photographed by john reekie in 1865, depicts african american soldiers collecting corpses from the site of a massive battle which took place in may-june 1864.

painting - cut or roll first? - painting & finish work

the reason i say to alternate the cutting/rolling, is that if you want to get 2 coats of paint on the wall in one day. you have a much better chance of it drying if you roll it first thing. so by the time you are done cutting the first coat, the wall might be dry enough for a little light sanding and a second coat. btw.

painting tricks for professional results - walls by design

painting tricks for professional results. first, you need to have a ladder (or ladders), that are capable of getting you safely to the heights you need reach with your paint brush. if the ceilings are 8 feet, a four foot step ladder is usually adequate. time to roll! rolling is always fun because you cover a bunch of square footage in a

raptors roll to 8th strht win, rout knicks 132-106

raptors roll to 8th strht win, rout knicks 132-106 new york (ap) between an emotional win in their last game and an early start to this one, there were plenty of reasons why the toronto raptors

paint trim or walls first? and other painting questions

use a 3-in. roller with a nap that’s the same thickness that was used for the rest of the wall painting. roll as close as you can without bumping the opposite wall or slopping paint onto the trim. finish brushing on the paint and rolling it out in one area before moving on to the next section.

when painting a room, should i paint the edges first or

when painting a room, should i paint the edges first or last? cutting after rolling almost inevitably produces some brush marks along the edges. i use a 2" angled sash, cut the edges along one wall at a time, occasionally even just half the wall for long walls where the cut edges will be skinned over by the time i get back to rolling

the best tips for cutting in paint family handyman

when cutting in against a ceiling, molding or other surface where a strht line is required, start by sweeping into the line to unload some paint onto the wall. don’t worry about getting close on the first pass. without reloading your brush, make a second pass to coax the paint closer to the line.

what is the gold on edges of china dinnerware - cookware

read the what is the gold on edges of china dinnerware discussion from the chowhound cookware, dinner food community. join the discussion today.

read mixed user reviews for mission: impossible fallout

i know i'm suppose to shut my brain for these films but the convuluted plot, hollow character arcs, general lack of tension/levity and multiple plot contrivances made it very hollow after the credits start rolling. first, there are some amazing things about this film.