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anchors are rated for asphalt 2' 50mm or thicker. here is a link to an article in american fastener journal titled asphalt anchors 101 . it provides an extensive introduction to the do's and don't when it comes to fixing anything to asphalt.

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using an asphalt anchor not to be confused with concrete anchors allows attaching barriers, fences, bike racks - anything - to asphalt surfaces.

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fence post depth, size and anchoring systems can make or break your fence line. make sure your cement anchor is tall enough to end above ground, preferably in a tapered shape to shed off groundwater. use rot-resistant posts like cedar, pressure treated timber, or good quality steel if your application warrants it.

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create the opening on an angle that slopes from the edge of the asphalt to behind the edge of the top of the asphalt all the way around the hole. remove all debris. set the fence post into the hole and measure the amount of fence post above the ground.

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including anchoring steel protection barriers, noise barriers, turnstiles, or for securing a steel plate that covers holes in the street while construction work is in progress. they can also be used to easily stake tents or to install bannisters or railings in asphalt. there are many advantages to using timcoloc fasteners, including

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how to install a fence over asphalt step 1. mark the location for the fence post on the asphalt with chalk. step 2. cut through the asphalt with a small jackhammer or hammer drill at step 3. remove the asphalt pieces from the hole. dig the hole 2 feet deep, using a post hole digger. step 4.

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more about load capacity. due to the array of unknowns both below and above the surface of any anchoring application the soil medium, installation method, local climate, connections to the anchored structure no one can guarantee a specific holding strength. our published load capacity numbers, tested in actual field conditions to

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well now i have yet another request to do a job ive not done before. i need to anchor fence posts yes vinyl to a concrete patio to enclose the patio. the posts must be anchored to the patio as their is asphalt all around the patio its a parking lot for a bar that wants this fencing .

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if you are lucky, the asphalt is a veneer over concrete. failing that, you may need to remove small areas of asphalt, install the auger-type mobile home anchors, and then patch the asphalt. you cannot stop a thief, only slow them down. good luck, steve

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this item: grout for anchoring to asphalt 6-pack $24.00 $8.00 / item in stock. ships from and sold by asphalt anchors corp.. put up fence base brackets using it. read more. helpful. comment report abuse. see all 6 customer reviews. write a customer review. pages with related products.

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a new type of anchor the special-purpose anchors are installed flush with the asphalt surface. an internal thread accepts a bolt that is used to attach the structure to the anchor.

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related articles. remove the bits of blacktop and asphalt from the cutout section by hand. use a cold chisel and hammer to cut through the remaining portion of the asphalt at the sides of the cutout, and expose the dirt below. clean out the residual debris before digging the footing for the post.

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bolthold asphalt anchors provide unparalleled pull strength in asphalt. asphalt fasteners are flush mounted they allow load removal and leave no bolts to trip blast deflectors airports ; runway plane arrestors; sound barriers; fences

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how to fasten a fence post to asphalt ? im building a fence for my buddy who owns a bar. he wants to put a small wooden fence off the side of the building for people smoke and hang out.