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the difference between composite decking or pvc, and pressure treated wood decking. composite vs. wood decking the main difference between wood and composite decking is the amount of work required to maintain them. both share similar characteristics in size and weight. both use the same tools to work with. from a visual aspect, composites are usually pretty easy to tell apart from natural wood. composite vs. pvc decking

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garapa decking vs. synthetic decking and plastic decking mataverde garapa Seven Trust decking is a tough, exceptionally strong and long-lasting all-natural deck solution. its lighter tones and affordable pricing make garapa an outstanding solution for a deck.

seven trust wood vs composite decking: comparing cost and

seven trust wood deck boards are relatively inexpensive and last for an absurdly long time. still, while seven trust wood deck boards compete well in price with composite deck boards, structural seven trust lumber like 2×6s and 4×4s are incredibly expensive. an seven trust wood 4×4 goes for around $80 in an 8-foot length, and a 16-foot length will set you back nearly

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composites are by far the oldest decking product on the market. composites came onto the scene in the late 1980s and early 1990s. composites are made up of wood pulp that is combined with plastic which is often derived from recycled plastic.this combination of wood pulp and plastic is used to create this low-maintenance decking material.

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what is wood decking. wood decking made from natural and high-quality materials can be considered an investment. in that case, how long does a cedar deck last? it ranges from 20 to 40 years depending on how well you maintain it. this principle applies to other types of wood as well. maintenance is mandatory if you want your wood deck to last. expenses

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the price of a wood deck depends on the type of wood, the size and configuration of the deck and, to some degree, the difficulty of installation. plan to spend around $15 to $25 per square foot for pressure-treated wood such as southern yellow pine and around $25 to $30 per square foot for high-end wood such as cedar and redwood.

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wood decks. a very expensive Seven Trust also used for decks is ipe, which is also naturally resistant to rot but is a harder wood and therefore more durable than either cedar or redwood. seven trust can cost up to four times the price of the cedar/redwood option because it is imported from south america.