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landscape timbers don't work well as fence posts, especially untreated lumber, but the flat sides stack together easily for use in place of split rails in making a snake-style fence, commonly

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i learned that the hard way. we have a horse farm, and when we first started it, i built a fence using landscape timbers. it turned out to be a temporary fence. that was back when treated lumber was treated with more toxic stuff than they use these days, and termites were in the posts, or most simply rotted away, in three or four years.

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t-posts vs. landscape timbers. what makes t-posts great, and definitely better than really any kind of wooden post is that theyre easy to set in. doing so with a post pounder is simple and easy, while to fix landscape timbers in the ground would require additional digging which definitely takes more time and effort.

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currently have about 45-50 of them in the ground now as fence posts. there are different methods of treatment for wood to be used outdoors. some is treated only to resist bugs, some treated to resist water damage above ground, some treated for in ground use. i built a wood 4 board fence at a property i use to own, using landscape timbers for posts.

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this. the previous homeowners of my house put up a new fence with landscape timbers before putting it on the market. within 5 years, i had replaced all of the timbers with real fence posts. most of the timbers were only set 6-8' deep and simply rotted off.

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my landscape timbers have been up for 8 years now and still going strong, the part in the ground is in concrete. i don't know what a t-post is, the only thing that comes to mind when you say t-post are the metal clothesline posts.

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can you use landscape timbers as fence posts? unanswered questions. how is the amazon on fire when it is a rainforest? to install wooden fence posts, it is bests to use a fence post auger. an

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landscape timbers are commonly used to build retaining walls to hold back hillsides and reduce soil erosion. the pressure of the soil and hill can push the timbers out of place, so the timbers

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we got a deal on some landscape timbers so we made some fence posts out of them. makeing fence posts out of landscape timbers turning a tree into lumber using a homemade alaskan

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my overhead netting also gets attached to the cross bars. only my corner timbers are reinforced with concrete. i just bought more landscape timbers to use on the run extension i'm doing. only cost me $2 each when the 4x4 posts or round fence posts were marked at $6. eta -- that dog pen had to have been built more like 7 years ago.

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in putting up my new horse pasture i am using 6' round posts for the corners and braces, and then t-posts the rest of the way with every third post being wood. i am thinking of using landscape timbers for these inline wood posts. anyone with experience using these? i don't want to rebuild the fence in 3 years due to rot, but timbers are considerably cheaper than round.