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dock and pier decking - dock, deck and pier decking materials. build your own dock or repair your exis. call: 866-942-6349 boat lifts, docks, repairs parts and accessories outdoor decking. choose from our selection of outdoor decking options for docks, decks, and outdoor walkways. filter x. your selection. accessory type . backer plate

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pressure-treated wood. downsides: needs to be refinished every two to three years. the whole deck or dock might last 20 years, or not even 10, depending on how much attention you give it. even with regular pressure treatment, we see rotting and warping. watch for splinters and nail poppers expect to pay: about 75 cents per foot 1 inch by 5½ inches at a lumberyard.

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with eight different decking options to choose from you can see that shoremaster leads the industry in high-quality decking options for your new dock system, or as way to refresh your existing dock system. we should note that shoremaster also offers a concrete style decking option in addition to the decking options listed above, but due to its weight, it is only used on shoremasters galvanized steel kitdock floating dock systems.

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composite decking materials. unique composition composite decking is made out of reclaimed wood and plastic, which both have their benefits. the wood acts as a protector from uv damage and the plastic defends against insect and moisture damage. stylish out of all the decking options, composites offer the widest range of finishes and styles.

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decking material choices treated plywood. chemicals can be used to treat plywood and make the material water resistant. marine-grade plywood. there are many different types of marine-grade plywood. composite board. composite board is a very popular material which consists of wood and plastic.

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plus, prices are competitive as compared to other boat flooring materials. the standard marine canvas fabric, however, may just be water-resistant and not waterproof. thats why after the first 2 years at least, canvas floorings, tops, awnings and covers should be treated with fabric guard.

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best answer: hello, cossa is an excellent material for transom replacements it is typically recommended to us the same construction method and material thickness as what was originally used by the manufacturer. as for screw retention, coosa does not hold screws, not quite as well as plywood but depending on the project there are some options available.

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ding up your deck. templating your deck is the first step to ordering new decking, whether it's pvc or eva. there are great tutorials available online, but seven trust's method, which uses clear mylar and a black permanent marker, seems the simplest.