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fences shorter than 8 feet may deter deer, but if they can see your tasty garden through the fence, that height wont usually stop them. the fence in the illustration at the top of the page is an excellent example of tall, effective fence that still allows the beauty of your garden to show through.

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the simplest recommendation for deer is an 8-foot high wire-mesh garden border fence. wood or stone is also an option; the more solid the fence, the less likely deer will be to jump over it. a more robust option is to build dual vegetable garden fences deer are confused by multiple obstacles . this option requires building a 3-foot high fence

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make sure the repellent you choose is deemed safe to use in vegetable gardens. use a deer fence. put up a deer fence. this option can get quite expensive if you have a large garden space. the fence needs to be at least 8 feet in height, because deer are really good jumpers. use motion activated sprinklers. install motion activated sprinklers.

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the easy-up lightweight fence is a 7-foot-tall, temporary fence to protect your garden during the growing season. or try the heavy-duty deer fence , which is five times heavier. deer may try to go over, under or through a fence, so make sure it is securely staked to wood or metal posts and that it goes all the way to the ground.

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garden fencing: a roundup of the best ideas. 7 comments. best garden fencing for white-tailed deer building our vegetable garden fence country basket nice photo essay of fence and garden gate construction, featuring 18 inches of chicken wire, then 4 feet of wire mesh, topped by two strands of electric wire. using a combination of : square raised garden with deer fence kit

deer-proof just add lumber vegetable garden kit - 8'x12' 3.3 out of 5 stars 7. $265.00. outdoor living today raised garden bed 8 x 12 with deer fence kit. just add lumber vegetable garden kit - 8'x12' deluxe. just add lumber vegetable garden kit - 8'x8' deluxe. add to cart:

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the deer are adorable to look at from a distance, but no gardener wants one eating up his or her vegetables. when the deer get into the garden and animal repellent doesn't work, consider a few vegetable garden fencing ideas. most vegetable garden fences consist of a durable mesh that is easy to install around the garden.

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while fencing vegetable gardens for birds or insects may be both impractical and costly, you can do something about the deer and rabbits, the two worse offenders on the four-legged side of things.

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step twelve // install a critter-proof garden fence. how to deer-proof small trees. how to install a raised vegetable garden with arbors. sponsored stories. get the latest this old house news, updates and special offers every week, direct to your inbox. tv listings.