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composite - boat repair forums. fiberglass boat repair boat cleaners and polishes waxes and protectants composite decking for aluminum boat? 7: changing form a composite to a stainless prop: 4: composite decking, yea or neah board boat lift bolster bow cable steering canvas capacity plate carbon figer

composite decking on a pontoon boat stylishly replaces

if we wanted to run the deck boards diagonally at the rear, wed technically be within specifications. the key word there is technically, which leads to an important point about using composite decking on a pontoon boat: there is no way that any composite manufacturer will warranty decking on a pontoon boat.

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most of my boats i have for a year or two and flip for an upgrade, not to sound like a hack, but i think myself and probably the next two owners won't have a problem with the floors i install. if it was a family heirloom all wood chris craft or some other fine collectors boat, no doubt i would use the best. but for a 1984 bayliner capri fishing

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i can get 1x6x8' composite decking for $10 a piece that weighs about 1.4 lbs a board foot. my questions are, has anyone had experience with composite decking for a boat floor and how well does it work? at 1.4 lbs a board foot is weight comparable to plywood? any advice on mounting? will marine carpet glue adhear to it? any advice will be

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home boat design forums > construction > boatbuilding > fiberglass and composite boat building > coosa vs nidacore. discussion in 'fiberglass and composite boat building' started by rlilley i have not seen coosa board yet. on top of the board will be carpet 4' fiberglass i beam is replacing the 10' deck joist to give me more headroom, then

plastic honeycomb composite panels vs plywood

lightweight composite plastic honeycomb panels comparison to plywood for boat repair. lightweight composite plastic honeycomb panels comparison to plywood for boat repair. board - boat


re: stringers - composite deck boards i got then for two of my 3 stringers they dont make one big enough for my center stringer loin hunter you get the strengh from the glass, i used epoxy on mine , i got pics in my thread , used a pipe wrench on it and couldnt break it apart