how to lay decking straight onto the grass

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how to lay decking on grass: a step-by-step guide

we understand that it’s easy to get confused about the best practice in how to lay your new decking once you have finally decided on what to go for, so we have put together this post for those of you out there who have decided to lay your decking onto flat, ground-level grass.

how to lay artificial grass on decking i perfect grass

this simply makes your garden look too bland. a simple way to bring life back into your garden is to lay artificial grass on it. the benefit of laying artificial grass directly on to decking is that it will save you money as you already have a flat, firm surface that should drain well if the steps below are followed.

is it possible to lay decking strht onto grass? yahoo

is it possible to lay decking strht onto grass? i have a small patch of grass which is now a mess with the kids playing on it, am trying to tidy it up the cheapest possible way. any suggestions would be appreciated.

how to lay decking with wickes - youtube

if you're laying your deck over lawn, dig out to a depth of 50mm and cover the ground with wickes landscaping fabric. wall plate if the decking is joining onto a house, the first thing you’ll

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