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the alternative, risking a deck failure 20 feet in the air, could cost you everything. designing for height. it's important to remember that an elevated deck isn't simply a regular deck on stilts; the large distance from the ground dictates a number of special design considerations.

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the importance of structural engineering on a balcony or deck structure there is no way of overstating the importance of having a quality structural engineering design when it comes to building a balcony or above ground deck structure.

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the average national cost to hire a structural engineer is about $490, but this can range from $323 and $658, depending on your project. you may pay between $100 and $150 per hour, or a square foot cost that averages around 8% of your total project cost.

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linear feet and cost are auto updated when the deck is re-calculated, with individual costs for stumps, bearers and joists displayed in each section. hit and - buttons to open or close spacing, re-calculating the deck to find how different spacing options effect cost and materials.

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some structural engineers will charge anywhere from $100-150 per hour for their services with an average amount of $350-500 spent by homeowners and construction managers. soil engineers cost on average $500-1,000 for testing the ground for any problems. you might consider seeing a local government soil engineer to save some money.

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deck or carport. now: $975. was: $1,300. this includes site measure, on-site consultation to discuss design options with a building designer, carport or deck plans, proposed elevations and everything that you need to begin the engineering process. with engineering, this is everything you need to give to your private certifier and builder.

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you don't want to overspend on an oversize deck that does not suit the scale of your home nor do you want to skimp on the size of the deck if you have a large home. if you plan to sell your home shortly after the deck is complete, you might not want a deck that costs too much and that you will not get to enjoy for long.

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some structural engineers base their contract fees on a percentage of the total building costs. many experts estimate that consumers pay approximately 8% of a project's fees to the structural engineer. if you're building an addition for $100,000, it's reasonable to pay $8,000 to the structural engineer.

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building your own deck is really not that hard if you keep it simple. this article will step you through the process. structural engineering faq for new homes and renovations. find a tradesperson application fees need to be paid when submitting plans and these costs are not included in the engineers quote. this service is normally

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today, according to, a consumer can expect to pay roughly 8% of a total construction project fee to the structural engineer. for example, a building is designed by an engineering consulting firm, and receives $237,000 for their work. it is reasonable to anticipate that the structural engineer would then receive roughly $18,960.