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we had a dark wood type of paneling downstairs and i hate wood paneling .now real wood paneling i can deal with but not the fake wood paneling. you find this a lot in older homes.

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when we bought our house in 2010, there was a lot of wood paneling the foyer, the kitchen, the dining room and another room downstairs. needless to say, i've have to paint over wood paneling quite a bit in my house and have tried several methods.

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how to: paint wood wall paneling if your wood-paneled walls seem dark and dated, painting is a great way to brighten them up. follow these simple steps to achieve a professional-looking, up-to

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so, the rules about painting the wood paneling in those situations are no good, and should not be heeded. that is unless youre just tired of it. and, in that case, perhaps you should just move:- lets see some examples of gorgeous wood paneling that bring character and life and richness to their interiors.

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i could invest a few hundred dollars and replace the paneling with dry wall, but for now, i chose to go the less expensive route and just paint over the walls. however, painting over faux wood paneling requires a few more steps than painting a typical wall. this room was only covered on the lower half of the wall with paneling

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i just bought a house and want to replace the tacky fake wood paneling in the basement. i don't plan on taking it down because i don't want to deal with the cost and time it takes to put up drywall. i want it to appear as though it's drywall so i'll need to acheive a smooth surface. many suggest using drywall mud over the grooves between the panels, sanding the paneling, applying primer, then

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do you know how to paint over paneling? if you use the wrong paint, it will flake off. in this video, we explore the proper painting primer to use for paneling, and we discuss painting cabinets.

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how to paint paneling? how to paint over paneling? > learn how to paint over wood paneling. painting paneling is not hard to paint. 'whitewashing' paneling -for the 'garage' turn masterbedroom. not really sure that i'll do 'white'washing. maybe more of a 'greige' wash. whitewash schmeltzer schmeltzer ezinga whitewash the bed wall and paint the

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how to paint over wood paneling. brighten up a room by covering dark panel walls with a fresh coat of paint. cost $ skill level start to finish 1 in some instances you may be able to remove the paneling and paint the walls directly. but often paneling was installed with both nails and adhesive, and you could damage your walls if you try to

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faux or fake wood paneling was a very popular wall design in the 1970s. like many designs and styles from the '70s, fake wood paneling's popularity did not last, leaving many homeowners stuck with a wall or surface that looks like a poor combination of wood and plastic. removing fake wood panels can be tedious and expensive.

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a light paint color can breathe new life into old wall paneling. dark wood wall paneling sure had its heyday, and it surely is over wall paneling can be tricky to update, and whether you can resurface it by filling in the grooves depends on if your paneling is solid wood or plywood.

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here is a quick little video on how to correctly paint mobile home paneling so it does not peel off. ///related videos for you tour our $14k paid-for home ht

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painting over your wood paneling is relatively inexpensive and really easy to do. first, you have to decide if you really want to paint over your wood paneling.. once you prime and paint there is no going back. the only other option after that would be replacing it, sheet-rocking over it and so on.. between prep, prime and paint it, this is a project that can easily be done in a day for your

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fake wood grain paneling is composed of high-density polyurethane manufactured to provide an cheap alternative to actual wood panels. unfortunately, unlike actual wood, these panels are slick and nonporous making them poor surfaces for paint adhesion.

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makeover by: stella location: new york after months of looking for a new place, i came across this semi-attic space covered in wood paneling. i knew i couldnt sign a lease without thinking first of what my makeover would consist of. after all the makeovers ive done in the past, i had to came to terms with the fact that this one would be a whole new deal.

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imitation paneling is a type of thin, grooved plywood characterized by a painted faux wood grain or real wood veneer. unlike true tongue-and-groove wood paneling, imitation panels usually are

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wood paneling can make a room feel a little chaotic not to mention dark, musty, and reminiscent of the '70s , but it can also be seriously stylish when done right. a deep slate gray paint is