can i plane my deck boards place directly in sand question

how to prepare reclaimed wood: 3 steps with pictures

you can see in the two pictures here that there is a little difference between the 1st and 2nd pass through. some of my wood required 2 passes and others required 3. if you want all of your wood to be the same thickness, you will need to pass all of the boards through at the measurement of the thinest board. most of my boards were 1x8. that

i want to build a deck at ground i need concrete

i want to build a deck at ground i need concrete footings? but if your base of sand stays level your deck will remain level. the weight of your deck should keep it in place and not allow it to shift away from your house from everyday use. if you dig them below the frost line and back fill with sand they will not move and will

10 common deck defects and how to solve them - blog

start by conducting an annual visual inspection of the entire deck. you dont have to be a professional builder or home inspector to spot trouble; you just have to know where to look. listed below are 10 common defects that can cause a deck to fail. when inspecting your deck, pay particular attention to these 10 areas.

the best way to sand down and refinish a deck home guides

no matter what finish you use on your deck, you'll have to strip it and refinish the wood at some point if you want it to look its best. transparent finishes last for about two years, but you may

how to lay garden decking in 9 simple steps decking hero

learn how to lay garden decking with the most comprehensive guide on the web. includes free expert guidance broken into 9 simple steps. if you plan to lay your deck frame directly on the ground only recommended for small, basic builds then you should follow these steps this can be used to place between boards during the

how to replace wood deck boards -

how to replace wood deck boards incorrectly installed deck boards. the home builder expanded the floor plan after the house was completed and incorrectly installed the deck board parallel to instead of across at 90 degrees or square to the deck joists as shown in the following photo.

long term, what happens if i paint wet wood? - woodworking

long term, what happens if i paint wet wood? ask question asked 3 years, 7 months ago. thank you for your interest in this question. because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, do i need to sand, condition, prime etc and what paint and stain is best to finish my armoire?

deck has substantial cupping, sanded it down some, how

deck has substantial cupping, sanded it down some, how will this stain? for different and not fully understood reasons the deck boards had substantial cupping, which was really obnoxious and uncomfortable to walk on. a place where people can come to learn and share their experiences of doing, building and fixing things on their own. join.

gluing treated wood - the wood whisperer

3/4 should be more than enough for that size room. and just keep in mind the time of year and the relative humidity. if its humid right now, you can install the floor nice and tight because the dry winter heat is on its way. also make sure you let these boards acclimate. i would bring them inside for as long as you can before the installation.

should decking boards run parallel or perpendicular with

should decking boards run parallel or perpendicular with the house.? bend out so it comes over first deck board about 1-1/2' . silicone it up in place just prior to installation of first row of decking. ask question. trending questions. trending questions.

building floating deck using deckblocks -

building floating deck using deckblocks free-standing piers hi there, i'm planning to build a floating deck 18 inches off the ground and am considering using deck blocks as opposed to set concrete supports.

how do i install deck boards oven uneven joists on my new

if you've got some bad stock, bring it back to where you got it. they won't accept items that have been cut or nailed. also, if your deck boards are real wood, be sure to install them bark side up. when you look at the end of the floorboard, you can see the tree rings. as the boards dry in the weather, they will cup, or bend inward.

when to seal or stain a new wood deck today's homeowner

when to seal or stain a new wood deck. by. danny lipford. video playback not supported. recommended for you. i am wanting to know if i can sand my new deck and then paint it in stages. my health has not been to good and am wanting to do this process in stages rather then trying to do it all at once. what a great question we recommend