polystyrene insulation board specification

extruded polystyrene xps rigid foam insulation product

extruded polystyrene xps rigid foam insulation energy-saving, moisture resistant xps insulation astm c 578 type iv, 25 psi minimum description owens corning foamular 250 extruded polystyrene xps insulation is a closed cell, moisture-resistant rigid foam board well suited to meet the needs for a wide variety of building applications

specifications eps foam specs insulfoam

insulfoam is a division of carlisle construction materials, a wholly owned subsidiary of carlisle companies nyse: csl , and is the nation's largest manufacturer of block-molded expanded polystyrene eps . for over 50 years, insulfoam has been enabling building professionals to construct high-quality building insulation systems at a minimal cost.

expanded polystyrene eps insulation board specifications

insulation board supplier shall agree to indemnify and hold harmless parex usa for any loss, cost or damage incurred by parex usa. as a result of the insulation board suppliers and/or the insulation boards failure to meet these specifications. 3 expanded polystyrene eps insulation board

rigid polystyrene roof board insulation

spec note: following are suggested specification paragraphs to be used when specifying rigid polystyrene roof board foam insulation as shop-fabricated tapered boards in a conventional roofing

standard specification for rigid, cellular polystyrene

1.1 this specification 2 covers the types, physical properties, and dimensions of cellular polystyrene boards with or without facings or coatings made by molding eps or extrusion xps of expandable polystyrene. products manufactured to this specification are intended for use as thermal insulation for temperatures from 65 to 165 f 53.9 to 73.9 c .

technical specification on expanded polystyrene

helpful eps resources. here you'll find technical specifications on expanded polystyrene. before you decide on what you need for your project, an engineer of project specification should be consulted to determine the astm d6817 or astm c578 type requirements for your project loading conditions.

styrofoam brand sm extruded polystyrene foam insulation

polystyrene foam insulation is a multi-purpose extruded polystyrene board that helps to meet the needs of the commercial and residential foundation and slab market. the closed-cell structure of styrofoam brand sm insulation resists water absorption, enabling it to retain a high r-value rsi * over time a necessary

foam board insulation

because of this i often get questions about which type of foam board insulation to use and what r values these products provide. there are three basic foam insulation board products on the market produced under several different manufacturer names. the basic types of foam board insulation include: polystyrene, polyurethane or polyisocyanurate.

polystyrene insulation board specifications

specification for polystyrene thermal insulation board. unlike its prede-cessor, which dealt with the difference in polystyrene board manufacturing methods, the new specificationhh-i-524ccategorizes materials purely by their physical characteristics. since gsa specifications are em-ployed in all federal construction and

expanded polystyrene eps insulation board

expanded polystyrene insulation board specification ds131 2 5.11.1 in addition to the ordering information required in sections 5.1 through 5.10 above, dimensioned dings or sketches shall be furnished for all special shapes. 5.12 all requests for insulation boards larger than the standard sizes or thicker than 4 in 102 mm listed in

greenguard type iv 25 psi xps insulation board kingspan

greenguard type iv 25 psi insulation board is an ideal exterior insulation, meeting your needs for multiple applications. its extruded polystyrene xps construction provides superior moisture resistance.

guide to insulation product specifications -november 2016

guide to insulation product specifications insulation board, thermal polystyrene hh-i-525a canceled. replaced by astm c 640. insulation board, thermal cork hh-i-526c canceled. replaced by astm c 726. insulation board, thermal mineral fiber hh-i-592b canceled. replaced by astm c 728.

standard specification for expanded polystyrene eps

this specification is for flat, uncoated expanded polystyrene thermal insulation boards for use in exterior insulation and finish systems eifs . the thermal insulation boards shall be made of a particular percentage of virgin eps .

expanded polystyrene eps dsc131 insulation board

insulation board specifications. 1 . dsc131 . 1. scope . 1.1. this specification covers the type, physical properties and dimensions of expanded polystyrene insulation board intended for use in dryvit exterior insulation and finish systems eifs . 1.2. the use of the expanded polystyrene insulation board covered by this specification is