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7 most eco-friendly countertops

we used and abused seven eco-friendly countertops to investigate if they could stand the heat of dwells kitchen. if your kitchen counters look more drab than fab, consider revamping with a sustainable surface. at your fingertips is a myriad of green countertops with the look and feel of

15 fabulous eco-friendly countertops

plenty of eco-friendly, recycled, and non-toxic options are available, and theyre equally as gorgeous as their conventional counterparts maybe even more so. youre sure to find a sustainable countertop that catches your eye in our collection of 15 fabulous eco-friendly countertops, in every color and style.

composite kitchen countertop hgtv

eco-friendly features. composite countertops are one of the most eco-conscious surfaces available. recycled content. the countertop is composed of recycled material or material that would otherwise go to waste. reusability. though the surface itself is not recyclable due to resin content, it can be recut and retooled for future use.

wood and dekton countertops

dekton is a cutting-edge worktop that boasts being the most scratch-resistant surface on the market. it features a stylish appearance that can mimic the look of exotic stone, concrete, wood, and more and its available in a dazzling array of colors and textures.

the pros and cons of composite paper countertops

pros. in addition to being environmentally friendly, composite paper countertops boast a durability that makes it harder than wood countertops, yet lighter than stone.these countertops handle heat quite well, so placing hot pots and pans on the surface should be of no concern.

5 eco-friendly kitchen countertop alternatives

5 green kitchen countertop alternatives. by murrye bernard. instead of laminate, try paper composite countertops. mining metal creates a lot of pollution, so choosing recycled aluminum is definitely an eco-friendly countertop option. read more. 20 options for kitchen countertops

composite bar tops

composite bar tops. composite outdoor material for bar top. bar top coating, lexan, lucite, composite and fiberglass materials for denver and colorado. composite and recycled countertops selection guide. composite and recycled countertops offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional countertop choices.

can you use composite decking outdoor countertop

outdoor paperstone products . eco-friendly composite panels for exterior use. ideal for countertops, decking, trim, siding, furniture and many more creative uses paperstone? panels can be easily cut and drilled on the job site using carbide-tipped woodworking tools. get price

composite and recycled countertops selection guide

composite and recycled countertops. composite and recycled countertops offer some interesting alternatives to the more traditional and well known countertop surfaces. not only are they made from different or should we say, less conventional materials, but they have an eco-concious element to them as well.

best outdoor kitchen countertop ideas and materials

selecting the components of your new outdoor kitchen is an exciting task, but it can easily become overwhelming. from appliances to exterior cabinetry finishes to roof coverings and more, there is a lot to coordinate. but when it comes to outdoor kitchen countertop ideas, weve got you covered.

eco friendly countertops countertop guides

eco friendly countertops are growing in popularity because they do as much for your kitchen or bathroom as they do for the environment. today, a myriad of choices is available, made from sustainable materials like bamboo and post-consumer materials like recycled glass, paper and wood.

remodeling 101: paper composite countertops for the kitchen

above: the countertop in julies kitchen is richlite, a durable, warm-to-the-touch paper composite selected for its eco-friendly attributes and stone appearance. the material has a nice touch and solidity to it, says julies architect jerome buttrick.. true black is always an elegant color choice.

kitchen decisions: natural stone vs. composite countertops

this also means the use of eco-friendly resins and recycled materials that makes them a better ecological choice. making a decision. the decision depends upon your selection parameter. here are some choices for your consideration: environmentally progressive choice composite countertops; budgeted choice composite countertops

16 eco-friendly kitchen countertops hawaii kitchen

we like to keep good green materials resources tucked away for that eventual day when we own a home and are working on a design/renovation. so, heres a list of some of the best eco-friendly and sustainable kitchen countertops currently on the market.1. squak mountain stone: an alternative to quarried stone, these slab

eco-friendly kitchen sinks insteading

eco-friendly kitchen sinks. by seth kolloen august 31 or porcelain, or composite sink is a much more eco-friendly purchase than some other stuff you probably buy ahem, plastic bottles . what choice is right for you? we made this comparison chart to show you your options. any style of sink thats built into your countertops can also

outdoor paperstone products

paperstone is a great choice for many outdoor uses from decking, countertops, trim, shelving, patio seating, siding and more. attractive, strong and durable, paperstone for exterior use offers excellent performance and a high degree of design freedom. durable, eco-friendly