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the bench is not a chair, but the large desk behind which a judge sits at the front of a courtroom. it is also a metaphor for the judge's role in a court proceeding. so, if you hear someone refer to a bench trial, that is a trial with only a judge and no jury, or a bench warrant is a warrant issued by a judge on his or her own initiative

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judges bench, clerk and witness stands create the perfect desk for some of the key players in your court space. customize to fit around existing risers or millwork dividers or consider adding height adjust to the judge's bench to accommodate different judges within a shared court space.

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ard has provided courtroom furniture to many secondary schools. the courtroom above is in birdville tx. the judges bench features a wheel chair ramp going to the judges bench platform. school courtrooms

india's top court to set law on womens entry in temples

chief justice ranjan gogoi said seven judges will take up issues relating to women entering any house of worship.

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in the elevated bench at the back, judge president petrus damaseb centre is flanked by the full bench of judges of the high court. the 70-year old musharraf was to appear in front of three-member bench of judges headed by justice faisal arab of the sindh high court.

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a bench chairman is elected annually and may hold office for a maximum of three years. representatives of the forum participate in regular liaison meetings with the senior presiding judge, the chief executive of hmcts, the justices clerks society and the magistrates association, and other key members of the judiciary and administration.

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it is technically the bench - but this term is never used in daily court business. the more common term - 'the stand' - is where witnesses stand to give testimony.

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home // judge's desk courtroom benches: judge's desk courtroom benches: includes wood or laminate counter with solid wood edge detail, wood chassis with wood reveal, wood or laminate work-surface with one grommet.

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bench law the word also has a broader meaning in the law the term ' bench ' is a metonym used to describe members of the judiciary collectively, or the judges of a particular court, such as the queen's bench or the common bench in england and wales, or the federal bench in the united states.

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bench of the final judge. cannot be used in raids or world versus world. activating it on a slope will make the character and chair slide down the slope slowly. emotes do not work, and tonics cannot be used with it, but toys such as balloons and gizmos like mystic chromatic ooze do. seems to display legendary hand effects from both sets.

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the bench chairman is responsible for keeping the magistrates of their bench informed on current changes to the justice system, changes to the way that the court operates, maintaining standards and dealing with pastoral matters. they also are consulted on the potential transfer of magistrates to another bench.

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he is past chair of the national conference of federal trial judges of the american bar association and currently serves as the judicial member at large on the aba board of governors. judge bailey is passionate about diversity on the bench and has worked to ensure that the federal bench reflects the populations that it serves.

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in that time, as followed in the british rule, the dais was provided to court rooms as they were made equivalent to the ruler and called as lords. you may hear of the queens bench or kings bench which also exercised the power of judiciary as highest forum of the british rule over all colonial countries.

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the bench a part of the judge's courtroom, specifically the chair on which the judge sits. it is a synecdoche in which the part a bench represents the whole the judge, and by extension, his or her rulings .