how long does a redwood deck last

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a redwood deck lasts longer

redwood decks can last for years and still look great. yet, because of its limited availability, redwood decking is an expensive material to use. why redwood decks last longer known for its long, strht grain and warm color, a redwood deck is also dimensionally stable and easy to work with. it cuts and drills easily.

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redwood is an expensive building material and for good reason: the wood is naturally waterproof. untreated redwood structures can last up to 30 years before succumbing to water damage. still, some maintenance considerations are worth noting in order to extend the life of your deck or other outdoor structure.

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how long will my wood or composite deck last?

how long do composite decks last? looking for an alternative to wood so you don’t have to deal with the maintenance? a composite deck may be your best bet. with minimal maintenance, composite decking can last at least 25 years. though composite decks have only been around for a few decades, many industry leaders believe they can last a

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redwood can last up to about 30 years on a well-maintained deck under good circumstances. redwood is the most fire-resistant decking material on the market. its use as building cladding is credited with limiting the great fire following the 1906 earthquake in san francisco.

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how long does a deck last? a. i have replaced decks that were 10 to 30 years old. the average is probably 15-20 years, depending upon how they were built, how they were maintained, type of materials, and location of deck. q. will composites last forever? a. composites are still young to the market, so it's hard to say how they will age and last