use decking as border

can you use deck boards for border edging

smooth decking boards · grooved decking boards · specialist decking boards timber edging is also popularly used along garden paths to segregate a path for soil retention, border edging and path edging you can essentially use any kind

using deck boards for garden edging

trellises and arbors, decking, railings, pavers, garden edging or borders, planters synthetic deck boards shouldn't be prone to mold and rot. want to use seven trust decking for a raised vegetable garden is this alright

6 deck patterns that save you money

difficutly: easy. heres a subtle twist on the traditional deck pattern. by using a transition board running perpendicular to the rest of the deck you can break up the monotony plus use shorter board lengths. this pattern is also perfect for creating separation between different areas of the deck.

66 creative garden edging ideas to set your garden apart

a pebble or stone border will give a floating effect to your deck, and planting with succulents will give an extra pop of colour. for a more relaxed feel, fill your border with soil and plant with leafy shrubs. alternatively, you could surround the perimeter of your decking with patio blocks and line with pots of bonsai plants.

raised beds with decking boards bbc gardeners' world

raised beds with decking boards. rather than line with polythene, i'd use weed membrane, that will let water through, otherwise you'll need to make some holes in your polyethene to let water out, should we have another 'summer' like last year heaven forbid , then your beds won't be waterlogged.

picture frame decking tip

butt joint frame. and this style of picture frame decking has the advantage that you don't have to worry about the corner joints separating like in a 45 degree miter. this illustration shows two courses of perimeter framing border boards. you could just as easily use only a single board to make your border.

how to build a picture frame deck

a picture frame deck can make a decking project look much neater as it creates a frame around the edge of the deck so that no cut ends are visible. in this v

use decking as border

how to use composite decking for a lawn border . using 2x427s as border - wood plastic composite decking redwood 2x4 for landscape border,composite decking price. how to use 2x4 lumber as a patio edger , ehow how to use 2x4 lumber as a patio edger. such as redwood and cedar.