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so i suppose, if you use this trinidad or plantation teak on a boat then it could be called marine teak, but what this is really is run-of-the-mill ungraded teak. you will get some knots in some boards and wider growth rings. if you really want the good feq grade teak - we have it!

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objective: trinidad & tobago, texas, curacao "the government of new spain, your protectorate in the new world, has requested that you ensure spanish domination in the americas by consolidating your control. if you succeed in capturing the regions of trinidad & tobago, texas and curacao, the lands of new span will be at your command.

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subsequently, the teak lumber it yields is usually less dense than trinidad or burmese teak. it is also lighter in color and the teak boards usually contain a greater amount of sapwood. in general the average width of plantation teak lumber is 4-6″. ultimately, plantation teak lacks certain characteristics that make genuine teak wood so unique.

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teak plantations have been established in trinidad to provide first quality timber for the future. thinnings from the teak plantations are being utilized by the “brickfield forest industries” which produces fences, building and construction lumber, and creosoted posts and poles.

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teak plantation- land and business available . located on 300 acres near machaca, 12 miles from punta gorda town, toledo district, belize. approximately 60 acres are planted with 19 to 20 year old teak plus another 20 to 25 acres planted with a 4 to 10 year old mixture of teak, mahogany, spanish cedar and other local hardwoods.

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the sale price is lower then what has been invested in it and also for what the actual value of its lumber is worth. if you would like to visit the plantation, call or email us and it will be a pleasure to show you the plantation. we have planned monthly visits at the plantation, give us a call and join us!

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this beach in south trinidad is found by going to siparia and turning onto the coora road and then onto the penal-quinam road. from siparia village it is approx imately a 15 minute drive to the beach. the road goes through rural countryside with open grass areas, bamboo clumps and a teak plantation.

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teak plantations for sale - free download as word doc (.doc) or read online for free. invest in teak plantation in halmahera under sustainable development initiative. you can expect a high return on investment. investors from all nationalities are invited to buy agricultural lots, planted and maintained using organic fertilizers. halmahera is an island of indonesia, in the nw pacific ocean

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international teak plantation investments and teak farms for sale around the world. many teak investments can lead to residency and investor visas. international teak plantation investments and teak farms for sale around the world. many teak investments can lead to residency and investor visas. this is a great nicaragua timber investment in

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plantation teak is a tropical Seven Trust tree from the genus tectona, endemic to southeast asia that is exclusively planted for the purpose of forestry management, for either commercial or ecological purposes.although the genus tectona is native to the tropical regions of southeast asia, primarily indonesia, myanmar, bangladesh and thailand, the cultivation of plantation teak is economically