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determining the cost of a vinyl fence. when determining the cost to install a vinyl fence, the first thing to consider is the price of materials. the cost of supplies usually falls between $20 per linear foot for a picket fence to $40 per linear foot for a privacy fence. labor may cost an additional $35-$50 per hour.

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this is a video on how to build a vinyl privacy fence. this tutorial is split into two different videos. the second video is called how to build a privacy vinyl fence part 2. please check out our

cost to install pvc fencing

pvc fence labor, basic basic labor to install pvc fencing with favorable site conditions. layout post locations. dig post holes up to 3' deep. set 4'x4' vinyl posts in concrete at 8' spacing. install and secure 6' tall vinyl fence panels between posts.

how to install a vinyl fence

as you install each section of vinyl fence, you remove the stake. the most important part of the post hole is the bottom. using the flat end of a digging bar or a 4 x 4, tamp the bottom of each post hole to provide a firm base for the fence post footing.

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how to install a vinyl fence 1. stretch a string across the yard to establish the fence line. 2. when starting against an existing fence post or other object, 3. prepare the vinyl fence posts by first cutting a pressure-treated 5x5 into 24-inch-long pieces. 4. mix water and concrete in a

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the building process is the exact same, except the posts on each side of the gate will be lined with a heavy duty galvanized steel post insert. immediately after installing the vinyl fence post in the wet concrete, slide your heavy duty post into the center. its sort of tough to get it deep into the concrete, so work quickly.

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as the gate will put additional stress on the adjacent posts, install a 4-inch-by-4-inch treated lumber post inside the vinyl post, flush with the side of the post where the hardware will attach and secure with screws for stability. the wood also gives the hardware something to grab onto.

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8. installing vinyl fence gate. the gates must be preassembled before installation. most gates are assembled much the same as a section of fence. installing the bottom rail between two posts, then placing pickets and capping the gate with a top rail. however, unlike a section of fence, gates use a diagonal brace to provide support.

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installing a vinyl fence: plan your fence and follow the rules photo 1: lay out the fence stretch a string line tightly along the proposed fence run, locate the corner posts and dig 3-ft.-deep postholes.

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how to install a fence. a wooden fence adds privacy and classic style to any outdoor space. follow these steps to install a wooden fence in your own yard. add style around the perimeter of your yard with this classic-style fence. follow these instructions to a sturdy chain link fence along your property line.

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our experienced professionals can assist you on an individual basis helping you determine the right style of vinyl fence for you, along with the quantities needed to fit your specific layout.

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a pvc fence is an excellent alternative to wood or aluminum fencing. a vinyl pvc fence is more durable than a wooden fence and much more attractive than an aluminum alternative. vinyl pvc fencing comes in different colors and textures making it a versatile choice. it also comes in over 50 styles to make the range of choices even more varied.

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installing vinyl material fence posts in the ground. it goes without saying, but unlike wood or metal pvc fence posts cannot be driven into the ground. they will break. dig out completely then back fill. how deep should a fence post be for vinyl? rule of thumb, 30 inches works best with most pvc fence posts.

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the design also lends its self to absorption of sound so if you neighbor has a lawnmower or air conditioner unit next to your fence, the pvc panels will actually deaden the noise.

how to install vinyl fencing

view this video to show the basic layout and post installation for usavinyl's vinyl fencing. please go to for more information.