how to lay out deck footings

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there are two basic methods used to lay out footings once your design is complete: batter boards and triangulation. batter boards the more commonly used method, this works best for square decks.

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luke shows how to lay out your deck using a cad design and the back of the house. laying out your post and digging : dreamdecksohio lbcanddreamdecks. how to build deck footings

how to build deck footings

before you dig. locate your utilities. in effect, your footings act to spread the heavy load of the deck from the surface of a support post over a larger surface of the soil so the ground can adequately support it. without footings, deck support posts could sink into the ground under the weight of the deck.

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but even if footings are deep enough, ice lenses can latch onto the rough surfaces of wood and concrete and lift footings and posts from the side. that's why concrete piers poured in waxed cardboard tubes and smooth wooden installing deck posts work well for below-grade support.

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deck footing spacing and layout. you must keep your lines or tapes level in order to avoid distorting the shape of the deck in three dimensional space. laying out footings is usually a two-person job. you will need an open space to work in, you must move anything that will interfere with your lines or tapes in the site area.

how many footings do i need for a deck?

for an attached 12 x 12 deck, youll need at least 3 footings, plus at least 2 more if youre planning on building stairs with it. if your deck will be a different size, its easy to figure out how many youll need.

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a fast and accurate way to get the holes in the right spots. deck footings have to be placed just right so that the posts they support land in the center of each footing. pay attention to the framing plans. they might not call out the location of the footings, but they will at least show.

laying out deck footings - fine homebuilding

foam insulation below the concrete makes deep footings a thing of the past. it's time to consider helical-pile footings. steel piles screwed into the ground can support anything from mailboxes to houses. laying out deck footings. a fast and accurate way to get the holes in the right spots.

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layout and footing locations. starting with your perimeter, mark the location of each deck post to locate the fitting position. in general, posts should be spaced no more than 8 feet apart. some builders position them every 4 feet for a completely rigid frame. the maximum distance between footings is determined by the size of your joist material.

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after setting out the shape of the deck, you'll need to mark the position of the footings on the soil, then excavate the area, digging holes for the footing.

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laying out deck footings step 1 mark the post center. mark the center of the outside post location on the ledger. step 2 put in batterboards. drive a batterboard near the wall at the bottom step 3 stretch the line. you can either preassemble the batterboard or drive step 4 square the

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how to lay out a deck. before you begin, produce an accurate scale ding and get it approved by your building department. keep in mind that the decking will overhang the joists by 1-1/2 inches or so on all sides. you'll also need to plan out the footings and beams. because they extend 3 feet beyond the footings,

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how to lay out the deck:once the the ledger board installed against the building that board forms the home-base from which all other deck measurements are made. with the ledger in place we now explain how to place the accurate location the deck piers, posts, and beams using string, batter boards, and a few other tricks of the trade.