better durability and easy installation solid decking

metal deck specializes in corrugated metal roof deck, metal floor deck, metal roofing and siding panels, metal purlins, rustic metal panels, standing seam, and custom trim & flashing up to 21’.in addition, we can provide shop dings and accessories for all metal panels including screws, fiberglass panels, and foam closures for metal roofing and siding panels.

take a tour of the hms belfast (pictures) - cnet

the officers got far better accommodations, with little things like "beds" and "a window." take a tour of the hms belfast (pictures) up next. get an easy-to-install solar-powered wireless

steel deck institute the steel deck institute was formed

the first edition of the sdi steel deck on cold-formed steel design manual points out those differences and provides the design guidance that is necessary to enable steel deck to be properly used in this application, including 7 design examples. available now. 2017 ansi standards ansi/sdi rd-2017 design standard for steel roof deck

metal decking installation - swuk steel decking supply

swuk steel decking install all manufacturers profiles of metal decking such as ribdeck e60, ribdeck 80, holorib, tr60, tr80, r51, md60, md80, md50, mf60, mf55, mf60, mf80 and associated products for metal deck floors such as perimiter edge trims and shear studs.

raspberry pi: adding an ssd drive to the pi-desktop kit

the pi-desktop kit add-on board includes a connection for an msata ssd drive. i am going to look at adding one, and using it for simple disk storage expansion and for booting the raspberry pi.

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august's third-generation smart lock offers easy installation, support for alexa and google home (though not apple homekit) and doorsense, which reports when your door is open or closed. it doesn