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going green: 10 ways to make your office more eco-friendly

the upcoming earth day reminds us that there are always more ways for enterprises and employees to adopt environmentally-friendly policies. here are 10 ways your company can go green.

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most sustainable city in america. galapagos islands -- about $1500/week: this is a place with a very fragile eco-system. it's a true global treasure, with wildlife species that have been there for

40 innovative ways to build environmentally friendly home

40 innovative ways to build and maintain an environmentally friendly home. this article is based on research conducted on some of the most innovative thinkers and practitioners where building and sustaining environmentally friendly houses are concerned. the list below is extensive and deliberately random.

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the environment capture the coast 8 design tips for an eco-friendly home 8 design tips for an eco-friendly home better homes & gardens this link opens in a new tab;

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fuelled by increased demand a new industry of eco friendly home building has grown up and a whole host of technological innovations have created an arsenal of eco friendly building materials and techniques.

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shea homes is offering solar panels on their green certified homes in their trilogy active adult communities. baby boomers know that green living is more than a current trend. living in an eco-friendly home reduces your carbon footprint, helps sustain our natural resources, and saves money on your energy bills.

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energy efficient house plans can save you money on your energy bills, and it all starts with energy efficient house design. so how do you know which blueprints are eco friendly house plans? many of the energy efficient home plans in this collection have been designed to mitigate their environmental

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as the push for businesses to adopt eco-friendly practices gains momentum, it leaders are searching for ways to bring greener technologies and more environmentally responsible strategies to their