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while the other stain types penetrate the wood, solid deck stains dont. instead, solid stains sit on top of the wood much like paint does. this is one reason solid stains are so great for working with older, weathered decks. the opaqueness is great for covering up inconsistencies in the deck wood.

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removing a solid deck stain 4.9/5 37 once the solid stain begins to break loose from the wood surface, use a pressure washer at 1000-1200psi to remove the solid stain completely. a stiff scrub brush and garden hose can also be used. reapply the stain stripper and repeat the process if stubborn areas remain.

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top 10 deck stain ratings. on any horizontal deck surface, stick with oil base products with a mineral spirit cleanup not soap and water . linseed oil will feed mildew, bacteria and fungus, petroleum based paraffin oil will not and they require the deep penetrating solvents that act to preserve the wood.

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deck stain secret 3: never trust an untested deck stain deck stain selection is where many homeowners mess up big-time when it comes to finishing their deck. they go to the store and choose whatever product has the most compelling label or the most widespread advertising, or the biggest discount, or the most familiar name, hoping things will

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scrub off the solid color deck stain. family handyman. first, scrape off as much of the old solid color deck stain as you can with a paint scraper as a deck stripper. as you scrape the wood, reset any nails or screws that stick out from the wood surface. next, strip the deck with a special deck stain remover 1 gallon covers 100 sq. ft. .

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if your deck is heavily stained or you want a complete change of color, youll get great results with cabots semi-solid deck stain in cordovan brown, a rich, deep brown seven other shades

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solid stains will last the longest but hide most of the wood grain. if you want the woods natural grains to show through, a semi-transparent stain or a clear sealer will be a better choice. sealer if you are looking for a high-gloss look that shows the natural grain of the wood, a film-forming sealant is the best option.

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deck stain tones. while the term color, in speaking about deck stains, is mostly associated with solid deck stains, the term tone is more associated with semi-transparent or semi-solid stains. these types of stains do not completely hide the wood grain but rather enhance the appearance of it with a tone.

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solid color deck stain reviews for 2019. our favorite deck stains have always been the penetrating semi-transparent stains. these stain types allow the wood grain to show and if they truly soak into the wood grain, reapplying is easier down the road. solid color deck stains have always been a last resort coating in our opinion.

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solid stain can provide your deck with a solid coating which can protect the wood from moisture damage from rain, snow, and other precipitation. blocks uv rays. using latex solid deck stain with uv-blocking pigments can protect your wood deck against inevitable sun-related fading.

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2. 1 deck advanced solid color deck stain. this advanced solid color stain is formulated to provide maximum uv protection for your wood. its a totally opaque, high-hiding finish that is great for both vertical and horizontal surfaces. available in 5 colors, you can use this stain on a deck that has old boards alongside of newer replacement boards to hide the difference.

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solid stains; solid stains are stains that are one solid color that is meant to cover up whatever is on there. a solid stain will usually cover up any of the less opaque stains as well as the lighter shades of stain. however, solid stain is usually best when you are working with older wood; particularly distressed wood.

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top deck stains - hemp solid stain. since this is a solid stain, it will cover the wood's natural color and grain completely. some wood texture will be visible, but minimal. solid wood stains are richest in color and are the best choice to cover imperfections or aging decks. they also create the most dramatic change in an outdoor space.

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update for 2019 on what is the best deck stain. find out which deck stain is ranked best this is the updated version of our most popular article on we help by guiding consumers in finding a high quality and low maintenance deck stain based on a series of questions.

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as a result of all these factors, you not only have one of the best deck stains that lasts 2-3 times longer than the competition, but you also keep the recoating down to a minimum.users generally find that this is a strhtforward, easy-to-use and no-nonsense barrier for your indoor and outdoor decks that doesnt suffer from any glaring problems.

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solid. they hide the grain of the wood the way paint does, and the best should last three to five years on a deckthe longest of the three types of stains. but solid stains paint-like qualities have their dbacks: they might build up a film, especially after several coats, which can peel, chip, and crack, just like paint.