will artificial grass rot my decking

can you put artificial grass on decking? we advise against

can you put artificial grass on decking? we advise against this as the application can create a serious hazard. any excess liquids will soak into the wood causing it to rot. over time, the decking will warp and potentially crumble. this is where the health and safety issue lies.

artificial grass on decking

artificial grass on decking how i did it. for years after we moved into this house i wanted to have a deck outside to sit on and enjoy the south-facing garden for food, drinks and reading. when i was pregnant with the boy, i put plans into place, ordered the materials and my wonderful father in law and husband built it for me. i loved it.

can artificial grass be laid on decking?

will decking rot under artificial grass? as long as your decking was correctly installed and had measures to protect against the elements applied, there is no risk of decking rotting under artificial grass. in fact, its an ideal surface to apply artificial turf as drainage and restriction of weeds have already been accounted for.

artificial grass on decking ? askaboutmoney.com

unless by artificial you mean plastic i wouldn't really recommend it, to be honest even if it was plastic i still wouldn't recommend it you would create a very hot, humid environment underneath the grass which eventually would cause the decking to rot, causing it to collapse we have decking out our back which was untreated and is now totally rotten underneath .

will artificial grass rot my decking

how to lay artificial grass on decking i perfect grass . i have artificial grass laid directly onto my decking, but have recently had problems with some of the decking boards rotting. the rot had actually caused rot on one of the joists as well.

artificial grass decking for gardens

elegant, sturdy and featuring artificial 'grass' on treated softwood boards, grassedeck decking is easy to maintain and is ideally suited for domestic use within gardens, courtyards, balconies and around spas and swimming pools.

laying artificial grass on decking

laying artificial grass on decking. my profile my balcony area of 8m2 that i would like to put artificial grass on. it in winter it will stay wet all the time and possibly rot.

can artificial grass be successfully installed on decking?

thats why im going to take a moment to explain everything you need to know when getting artificial grass installed on top of your decking. how is artificial grass installed on decking? if your decking boards are in good condition, level, and without any rot, its likely artificial grass can be installed on top.

installing artificial grass on your deck

pets love it: got furry friends? they love artificial grass as much as they love real grass. give them a tiny garden of their own right on your deck there are lots of reasons why youd install artificial grass on your deck. it can cover up old wood, make it safer, and really freshen up your yard.

can you lay artificial grass on decking?

therefore, the process of laying down artificial grass can be as simple as cutting it to the right size, rolling it out on your decking, and then sticking down with adhesive. even so, you will still need to prepare properly and install correctly. preparing and installing artificial grass on decking preparation:

artificial grass faq's and installation guide

draining through the artificial grass. can artificial grass be installed on wooden decking? yes. this is a very common requirement, especially when decking is starting to fail, rot or show signs of deterioration. fixing with the use of small tacking pins is strongly recommended as the pinheads will hide in the pile. spot

grass carpet astro turf on my uncovered wood deck? yes

we have a huge back deck. it is not covered. the wood gets so hot in the summer that you can't even walk on it i have been wanting grass carpet, or outdoor carpet, kind of like astroturf to put on the floor of the deck. but the question is will it rot the wood deck by trapping moisture? i have heard some professionals say, 'it will not rot your wood deck and is made for weather.'