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building a floating deck over concrete slab awesome building deck . deck over concrete patio: great concept and then could expand back porch area do this in my backyard.deck over concrete resultado de imagem para install decking over concrete porch view topic - can u deck over existing concrete slab? 55 beautiful wooden deck design ideas wood

composite decking over a concrete porch gives a backyard

as you work the compound, regularly place a level on top of the concrete surface to make sure the slab is leveling out. using slower drying ready-mix cement will give you a little more time to perform this step. one of the things to watch out for when building a deck over a concrete slab is water drainage.

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if the integrity of the concrete slab is good and level, you can install some 'click together' decking products. there are quite a few new products that just click together like puzzle pieces but are either wood, tile, or composite decking. also, they are made for installation on to concrete slabs and outdoor use.

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how do you build a deck over concrete slab? answer. a concrete slab is a horizontal surface -- it's meant to be a surface you stand on or build things on. you would need to build a base

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wood deck or concrete slab for skyshed pod? - posted in observatories: hi, looks like im getting a skyshed pod next weekend and now exploring options for placement. the pier will be suitably deep poured concrete tube with footing, and there will be spacing between the pier and the floor. from reading im seeing two options: 1. build a deck of wood on concrete blocks 2.