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both of these items could be bought from the blacksmith. it is 800 g for a brush and 2000 g for milker. brush could be used to brush you cow daily, and it will raise its happiness level, which in time will increase its heart meter. it could also be used on sheeps as well.

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the prices of constructing it are given below. thanks goes out to hiya_who_r_u for bringing it to my attention that this building was not in the guide and collecting the prices for me. the prices listed include the costs of the material purchased from gotz. it takes 999 pieces of material to construct and two days to build.

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costs 5 mp time - advances the clock by 12 hours. costs 10 mp cure - restores hit points. costs 15 mp learn - disarms traps on treasure chests. costs 15 mp move - teleports the character to any town that he has slept in. costs 30 mp * spells only available to priests and monks sleep - disables enemy characters.

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thatch and recap $55 pm (pack top of fence and new capping) replace old brush with new: remove old brush $10 per metre new brush to fence $40 to $55 per metre. tip fees, i pay $60 for a tip run plus the tip fee. old brush must be separated from the wire and can be tipped in the green recycle area at your local tip.

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a brick or concrete fence is the most secure type of fence, and doesn’t cost much more than most steel running between $550 and $800 per metre. a rendered brick and steel fence will create a more upscale look for between $750 to $1,000 per metre. a sandstone and timber fence also makes an attractive option, for between $800 and $1,200.

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brush fencing adelaide. don't just look at the cost per metre, look at the quality per metre and what this means to your peace of mind in the long run. paying once and getting the job done right is always the best option. strhtness: as brush wood fencing is typically installed in sections, if one section is out of kilter, then the