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polymer composite materials are categorized as biocomposites. the classification was made based on the biodegradability of the matrix and the fiber used in the polymer composite material. the rise in demand for biocomposites is related to the rise in awareness about their impact on everyday activity on earth.

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the polymeric and composite materials section is devoted to the science and technology of polymeric and composite materials. it publishes high-quality applied and fundamental research covering traditional, as well as novel polymeric and composite materials with advanced engineering applications.

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polymeric & composite materials natural and synthetic polymers (macromolecules) find everyday use as plastics, rubbers, adhesives, composites, textiles and coatings. they can be formulated with additives to obtain a range of properties, and processed in a variety of manners to create useful products.

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since polymer matrix composites combine a resin system and reinforcing fibres, the properties of the resulting composite material will combine something of the properties of the resin on its own with that of the fibres on their own.