how much gap between composite decking

deck board spacing changes throughout the year: plan your

how much space to leave between deck boards? this question may be asked more than any other when it comes to installing a deck. ever have a customer tell you the following when beginning a deck installation? “i want no gap between the boards” or, “i want a 1/4″ gap between my deck boards” your reply should be, “when?”

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how much gap should i leave for expansion or contraction

how much gap should i leave for expansion or contraction when installing? as temperatures fluctuate, composite deck boards will naturally experience thermal expansion and contraction. that’s why the board ends should never be installed tight against one another. there should always be a slight gap.

gap for composite decking

gap spacing guide for Seven Trust & composite decking materials . gap spacing guide for your Seven Trust or composite deck. using the right fastener for your decking material determines the gap spacing your deck boards will have.

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how much gap between composite decking

when laying decking, how much gap should be left between each . . how much gap should be left between each decking . i must say that the gap between the boards is of . a nice gap. dry wood or solid composite .

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