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in the middle of gourd pond to the left of the gazebo it is right in the open. loot: black syrup x5; blossom heights. inside of hip & hopping alley on the left side there is a building with a drain pipe you can climb up and once on the roof hug the left wall and walk south/down and walk next to the clothes line until you find the chest

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shingling a gazebo roof is similar to shingling a regular roof. if you choose to shingle your gazebo roof, you’ll use a layer of roofing panels, followed by a layer of tar paper and finally, shingles. this is probably the easiest part of building your square gazebo roof.

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a gazebo roof takes the brunt of this battering. a poor quality roof won't last long under these conditions, though a sturdy, well-built roof will. from hard plastics to asphalt shingles, the materials and designs available for durable gazebo roofs run a large gamut.

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a gazebo typically has an asphalt shingle roof because that kind of shingle is flexible, easily conforming to the curves at each roof hip -- the ridge where two sides of the roof meet. gazebos

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step by step diy project is about how to build a gazebo roof.building a roof for a 12×16 gazebo is a complex project and it requires professional plans. nevertheless, you should take a look on these instructions as to get an idea about all the steps required to build a roof for your gazebo project.

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puzzle solutions by vampirehorde. climb the ladder on the other side. kill all enemies here on the way up. destroy the weak pillars to reach the higher roof and climb up. --drag the two-tiered statue near the water fountain. climb up to the top of the gazebo and jump your way to the hanging vines. --you have 66-seconds to make your way