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category: the farm. brahma. getting started with livestock part 2: fencing and facilities. tips on choosing the best fencing, housing, and other facilities for your new animals. quality, demand, and delivery options. top 10 reader-favorite cattle breeds. the beef, dairy, and dual-purpose breeds our readers are researching. posts

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the best options for goat fencing. choose wire that your goats cant get their heads stuck through- especially those with horns. you may need a combination of wire and electric to keep some goats contained. on our farm we use a combination of 4-strand electric wire and woven goat fencing.

how to choose the best breed of cattle

the choices are practically endless when you consider the dozens of beef breeds and composite breeds, or mixed breeds that combine the best characteristics of other established cattle breeds. your choice of cattle breed also depends on your interests, the type of farm environment, resources, and your ability to care for them.

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the largest breed of cattle in the world is an ancient italian draft and beef breed called chianina, with the bulls weighing as much or more than 3000 lbs. holsteins and angus are other large cattle breeds. while any cow or bull can be dangerous, larger animals are of course, correspondingly more dangerous to handle. your climate and location

how to choose the best breed of cattle

some breeds, such as galloway and scotch highland, are well adapted to very cold climates, while brahman, brangus, senepol, santa gertrudis, and other brahman crosses and composites do well in hot climates. consider a cattle breed's disposition and ease of handling; some breeds of cattle are more flighty and high strung than others.

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using cameo monofilament and an electric line or all electric lines provides an economical, flexible and safe fencing solution for your horses and livestock. the use of an electric line allows for 16 ft. spacing of your pasturepro line post. pasturepro posts are available in 4 colors, white, black, hickory and cedar.

7 common cattle fencing mistakes and how to avoid them

putting a steel post anywhere into an electric fence is a big mistake, because you are then relying on the insulator to keep your cattle fence from shorting out, gerrish says. how to fix it: gerrish prefers highly flexible plastic or wood-plastic composite posts, no matter how good an insulator you get, eventually something's going to break or pop off, and you have the potential for dead-shorting.

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the term composite refers to a group of cattle made up of more than two breeds, created in a systematic manner using at least 25 sires from each parent breed, and then making sure inbreeding doesnt occur. thus, a true composite needs a large population of animals for the initial foundation. accepting hybrids as seedstock

6 fencing options for your dog living the country life

dogs that are traditional working breeds like cattle dogs and heelers tend to have an easier time with this training, she says. regardless of breed, expecting your dog to remain on your property without a physical barrier to contain it requires dedicated and ongoing training. a fence-free acreage also comes with risks.

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four rail hdpe cattle fencing. this is the ultimate all purpose equine ranch fencing. the main purpose of a four rail hdpe farm fence is to eliminate a foal from rolling under the bottom rail and for stallion containment. some breeds of stallions might need to be contained behind a five or six rail fence and derby fence has you covered.

best goat fencing options and how to effectively confine

the larger the breed, the taller the fence. however, if youre raising a smaller breed of goats, be sure to consider a fence which is durable at the bottom because theyll be more likely to squeeze under it. with these points in mind, here are the fencing options you can choose from: 1. woven wire fence

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5 reasons miniature cows are a better option than standard ones. written by: savannah h. therell do less damage to pasture and fencing. cattle are rough on pasture due to their hooves and weight. mini cows are much easier on pasture as well as fencing. popular mini cattle breeds. when it comes to individual mini breeds, there

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what is the best fencing for beef cattle? answer. there are several options as to the best beef cattle to raise in east tennessee. asked in dairy management and production, cattle breeds

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derby fence is the smart choice for fencing in your cattle and other farm animals. derby fence is offered in 8 beautiful colors to compliment the look you are trying to achieve, whether it is the elegant white, regal kentucky black or one of our other colors.