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in the anime, during the virtual world arc, gansley takes the form of 'deepsea warrior' to act as his deck master. its deck master ability allows him to sacrifice two monsters on his field to redirect an opponent's attack back at their life points. this card, along with 'robotic knight', another

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the arabic, chinese, croatian, greek andthai names given are not official. card names the chinese lore given is not official.

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how to build a yu gi oh water deck. a water deck could be one of the most supported deck types in yu-gi-oh . it is very versatile with a number of playing styles. remember, just because a card supports water monsters or umi, doesn't make it good. one example is deep sea warrior, a horrible card. make your deck close to 40 cards, if possible.

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mermail abyssmegalo is an easy to summon high-leveled water monster, because of this he works well with sea stealth attack. the summoning requirements for abyssmegalo is discarding 2 water monsters which could be any monster in this deck and you would still get some utility out of the cost even when you discard another copy of abyssmegalo to summon him.

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a episode guide focusing on the differences between the american and japanese episodes. season 3: enter the shadow realm. yugi vs big 1, part 1 deck master: deep sea warrior isolated in cyber space: yugi vs big 1, part 2 the terrifying revival combo isolated in cyber space: yugi vs big 1, part 3 counterattacking rainbow arch

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main card page: 'deepsea warrior' deepsea warrior japanese: romaji: shinkai no senshi anime cards galleries: yu-gi-oh gallery appearances trivia lores artworks names images artwork add an image to this gallery decks gansley the big five search categories supports umi related to

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gansley took the form of deep sea warrior and dueled yugi. his deck is water themed, and he was able to sacrifice two monsters to create a barrier to reflect any of yugi's attacks back at him. however, with kuriboh as his deck master though yugi intended to choose the dark magician , he was able to attack gansley directly and defeat him.

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a deck master ability is an effect possessed by deck masters during the virtual world arc. each ability is specific to one monster. in all cases in which a deck master was used as a fusion material monster, the resulting fusion monster was able to attack in the same turn.this was not the case for other fusions, as the arc was using variations of the battle city rules.

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yu-gi-oh in episode 99, gansley uses this monster as his deck master during his duel against yami yugi.when yugi's 'chimera the flying mythical beast' attacks gansley's 'ipiria', gansley tributes 'ipiria' and 'ashingray' in order to activate this monster's deck master ability, negating the attack and inflicting damage to yugi equal to the atk of 'chimera the flying mythical beast'.

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i bought the new warrior strike structure deck because my old deck was useless and weak. i have a series of cards i have added on like fiendish chain, sebeks blessing, meteor flar

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season 1 subtitled episode 99 - deck master deepsea warrior. watch yu-gi-oh season 1 subtitled episode 99, deck master deepsea warrior, on crunchyroll. noa displays the power of his virtual

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this deck is a deep theorycraft and i have no idea how it will perform when implemented. in the early game, you use aoe damage and eggs to maintain control over the board and d as many cards as you can. when you reach the endgame, here is your play: master oakheart's battlecry summons exactly 3 minions: