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im not going to tell you that hollow one is the best deck in modern right now or that its much better than any of the other top decks. modern is a format of endless possibilities and there are approximately 30 other decks that you can easily win a tournament with on any given weekend. there is just no best deck.

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i still think hollow one is a top tier modern deck, though it hasnt broken through in a big tournament win yet. i have a lot of matches under my belt with the deck, and will continue to explore it even further. share this. tags: deck guide, hollow one, modern, sideboard, sideboard guide, sideboarding.

zombie hollow one modern mtg deck

before hollow one became a real thing i was thinking about throwing it in a re-animator deck now that there is a modern deck, i've taken the model and added a little more zombie to it in the form of nim devourer which triggers ferocious and can be played from the graveyard.. 2x distended mindbender to sub out the 2x tombstalker when grave hate comes in.

hollow one deck for magic: the gathering

hollow one deck list with prices for magic: the gathering mtg . toggle navigation. prices price lists; movers and shakers; decks metagame; format staples; superbrew; similar decks modern league on aug 09, 2019 w l deck player price; 5 0 hollow one hollow one: rafusfito: 177.33 718.49 modern league on aug 06, 2019 w l

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other decks from the tournament 1st bg junk deck by matsushita yuusuke 2nd burn deck by shikama hideyasu top4 bg junk deck by aoki yuuki top4 hollow one deck by yamauchi shoutarou top8 kiki-chord deck by tsuruta tatsunori top8 bant deck by matsukane akio top8 counters company deck by hidaka takuya

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to my knowledge the first record of hollow one in modern is from julian grace-martin, who finished 35th in an scg open and later 5-0ed a mtgo competitive league with a vengevine version in august 2017. people were not familiar with hollow one at that time and simply named the deck 'dredge' despite it had literally 0 dredge cards.


4 hollow one 4 street wraith 1 tasigur, the golden fang 4 burning inquiry 2 collective brutality 4 faithless looting 4 goblin lore 4 lightning bolt sideboard: 2 ancient grudge 2 big game hunter 2

hollow one modern modern mtg deck

updated aug 05, 2017 by hydras,mana,and dragons ohmy using our mtg deck builder. play hollow ones early and hopefully kill your opponent before they can get threats out :

breaking hollow one by seth manfield

this deck has only been being played for a couple of weeks now, yet it seems to be a modern mainstay already every other league i enter on magic online i have to worry about my opponent having hollow ones and vengevines on turn one. this is an aggressive combo deck, with one-drops like goblin guide and monastery swiftspear to make sure that once vengevine is put into the graveyard it is easy

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modern pptq 09-15-18 round 1 br hollow one vs grixis shadow - duration: 45:58. liberty mtg 2,269 views. 45:58. hollow one modern deck tech and matches - duration: 31:14.

hollow one madness in modern : modernmagic

hollow one madness in modern self.modernmagic submitted 1 year ago by chosler88. i saw that the hollow one madness deck did well in the modern challenge, so i thought people might be interested in my experience with it. i recorded matches with it this week and came away with a few thoughts.

spin the wheel: b/r hollow one, modern, and you

most modern decks have removal to kill your threats, so an early hollow one or gurmag angler won't always get the job done. decks built similarly to b/r hollow one have traditionally been more threat-heavy and rely on those threats to function well with the support spells.