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best method for treating wood decks on your utility

note: 5 gallons of 42 to 46 weight hydraulic oil to 1.5 gallons of kerosene is the proper mix. treating wood decks on utility trailers can be cheap and easy,

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using recycled motor oil and diesel fuel to create your own cheap wood stain. farmer's fence secret exposed btw each time you do it, it gets a lil darker. i live, and have been raised in a

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but your good intentions come with a diy challenge: wood decks require vigilant maintenance to maintain their natural good looks, and youll have to refinish and seal your deck on a regular basis to keep it beautiful and splinter-free.

seven trust protect deck joist tape deck flashing tape deck

seven trust protect is a non-skid, self-adhesive deck flashing tape that is designed to shield the tops of joists, rim joists, beams and ledger board from moisture that can lead to the development of rot and wood decay and the loosening of deck screws and fasteners.

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seal your deck to protect it against moisture from rain and dew, which will cause the wood to swell. sealing the deck will also protect it against the sun, which can shrink and dry the wood. the alternating cycles of expanding and shrinking will cause the wood to warp, cup, crack and gray.

preserving outdoor wood

restoring outdoor wood with ready seal. the outdoor 2-in-1 product is available in 7 different shades: natural cedar, golden pine, light oak, pecan, dark walnut, redwood and mahogany. it may be used to reclaim and protect your old and worn decks, fences, gazebos, outdoor furniture and any other exterior wood projects.

1. know your deck products

5 ways to protect your deck. wood looks pretty indestructible, but it isn't. when you use a power washer or opt for a particular stain or protector, you're using powerful solvents and equipment. deck maintenance products are designed to be used in a specific manner. almost all of them will cause problems if they're not applied in accordance with

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a semitransparent, oil-based stain is a good bet. the combination of oil and a pigment protects the wood from both sun and water and hides surface irregularities. plan to spend in the neighborhood of $35 to $55 per gallon on semitransparent, oil-based stain. a gallon covers approximately 300 to 500 square feet.

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deck cleaners get rid of mold, mildew, and any dirt or stains imbedded in wood fibers. though you can mix your own with laundry detergent and bleach, a store-bought cleaner is best for very dirty or damaged wood.

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how to protect decks from planters you'll eventually have to set them down, so protect the deck from planter marks and stains. digital vision./digital vision/getty images

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oil like decking protector, oil will absorb into the deck wood and mix with any existing oils which are naturally occurring within your boards. only a small amount will remain on the surface. only a small amount will remain on the surface.

5 ways to naturally protect wood from water damage

oil and vinegar. oil and vinegar is the crux of most salad dressings, so it cant get much safer to use. and, believe it or not, a bit of canola oil 3 parts and vinegar 1 part makes a dandy wood sealant, protecting wood from borrowing insects, wear and water. plus, this can be reapplied to revitalize the wood,

protecting a wood deck with stain today's homeowner

protecting a wood deck with stain. by: danny lipford. staining a wood deck with a quality deck stain: keeps rain and moisture from penetrating into the wood. seals the pores to keep out dirt. reduces cracking and splitting. helps prevent mildew from forming. gives the wood a uniform color and finished look.

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protect your deck. at these times you should inspect for damage, clean off debris with a hose, sand splinters, and use a stain remover to lift any grill or dirt stains. throughout the year, keep an eye on your deck. brush off fallen leaves for better air circulation and so leaves won't rot and leave mildew.

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a little diligence and an inexpensive tape keep things protected. 1. take a few minutes occasionally to pull out the leaves, twigs and other debris that gathers between deck boards, especially where the decking crosses joists. a drywall saw works great for this. 2. if youre building a new deck, cover the joists with rubbery,

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preservation of wood will extend its life, increase its durability, and protect it from pests such as insects and rodents or fungus. wood homes, wood furniture, wood decks and other structures constructed from real wood will require treatments in order to keep the wood healthy and safe from rot.

1. know your deck products

building your deck may have been about aesthetics, but maintaining it is about following directions. wood looks pretty indestructible, but it isn't. when you use a power washer or opt for a particular stain or protector, you're using powerful solvents and equipment. deck maintenance products are

wood decking boards

treated for protection against fungal decay rot and termites it is ideal for ground contact and a variety of general uses including exposed structures sill plates decks docks ramps and other outdoor applications.

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5 ways to protect your deck. although deck living can be casual and easygoing, wood and composite decks still need regular maintenance and care. even treated wood deteriorates over time, and the impact of water, humidity and sun exposure can have your charming, wooden oasis looking dirty and dingy after one season.