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most of you, who use python must be knowing about the floor division operator(//) in python. for those who don't know, this operator returns the floor value after division. for example : 5 / 2 = 2.5, but 5 // 2 = 2 (2 is the floor value of 2.5) but the division operator behaves abnormally generally for numbers greater than 10 ^ 17.

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there are two types of division operations in python. 1. ordinary division, with / operator 2. floor division, with // operator note: division works differently in python 2 and 3; but for floor division in python 2, > int/int = int to understand m

python's modulo operator and floor division

floor division. floor division is also used to carry out euclidean division, but unlike the modulo operator, floor division yields the quotient, not the remainder. let's look at a couple of examples: >>> 10 // 3 3 >>> 9 // 2 4 we can create a small function to print out the full result of euclidean division like so:

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remarks¶. also referred to as integer division. the resultant value is a whole integer, though the result’s type is not necessarily int.

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the floor and ceiling functions are usually typeset with left and right square brackets where the upper (for floor function) or lower (for ceiling function) horizontal bars are missing. mod operator. for an integer x and a positive integer y, the modulo operation, division by a power of 2 is often written as a right-shift, not for