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anti slip treatment of your floor tiles can significantly reduce the likelihood of injuries on smooth polished surfaces due to slip and fall accidents. the groutpro anti-slip treatment is an ideal choice to prevent accidental slipping on smooth wet surfaces. we can treat terracotta tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, vitrified tiles, limestone, marble, granite and more.

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the werx anti-slip treatment. the werx anti-slip treatment is a safe solution to dangerous, slippery bathroom surfaces.this specially formulated treatment gives up to an 800% increase in the co-efficient of grip on wet surfaces reducing the likelihood of accidents. with the werx anti-slip treatment for tiles,

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we are the pioneer in occupational health and safety industry providing anti-slip products and services since 1980. call us on 03 9359 2022. call us on 03 9359 2022 anti slip treatment before starting he tried out the timing on a spare tile to see how long was required to get the acceptable non-slip finish.rick has a very good

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safe marble is an anti-slip treatment for floors made of marble, limestone or travertine, that makes the floor slip-proof even under wet condition, without changing the original look of the floor.

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slips occur when a person's foot loses traction with the floor. the most common causes are slippery floor surfaces . in 2009-10, more than 3100 victorian workers suffered serious injuries as a result of a slips, trips or falls.

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assess floor safety needs to assist with compliance with oh and s, building codes and australian standards.: implement the most advanced anti slip flooring products and services available in the world including non-slip flooring treatments, slip resistant tile treatment, tactiles for the visually impaired, non slip stair nosings, and slip resistant concrete sealers.

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the effectiveness of non-slip or anti slip acid etching treatments is dependent on the chemical resistance of the surface along with the porosity of the tile body, the strength of the acid, the length of time that the acid is applied and how many applications are applied.

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slipstop australia is the recommended and industry leader in all anti slip solutions and floor sealing. 5 year guarantee we take all the necessary steps in the anti slip application and provide a 5-year guarantee for your floor.

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gripguard is australia's number one anti-slip safety treatment for wet slipper floors - a major cause of workplace slip/fall injuries. gripguard is australia's number one anti-slip safety treatment for wet slipper floors - a major cause of workplace slip/fall injuries.

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anti slip treatment for slippery floors whether its protecting your family in your home or employees and customers in a large commercial space, tile safe fixes your slippery floor and stair problems. usually applied on the spot, tile safe offers a quick solution to slippery floors and tiles at an affordable price that doesnt change the appearance to your flooring material.

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stepsolves unique anti-slip system is the solution to wet and slippery floors and steps. quick spray-on application that makes slippery tiles anti-slip. low cost, long lasting treatment for a variety of tiled surfaces. meets all oh and s standards. applied by professional applicators or available in diy packs for 10m2, 20m2, 50m2, 100m2 and

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friction systems installs the leading anti slip solutions including anti slip floor treatment, anti slip coatings and anti slip stair nosing anti slip solutions for hard surfaces our leading edge anti slip floor treatment microscopically modifies the surface of the flooring allowing rapid dispersal of water and dramatically increasing the amount

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slip resistance testing should be undertaken by a nata accredited testing company to ensure that you are obtaining slip test results that can be relied upon. the effectiveness of anti-slip and non-slip treatments and coatings is provided through the guidance of australian standard as 4360 risk management. this australian standard provides a

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write a review. this is a 3 step process and is very easy to apply. first you must clean and rinse with the tile and grout traction cleaner, then apply the slip resistant treatment and the last step is the tile and grout cleaner again, which neutralizes the slip resistant coating. you can use a sprayer or a squeegee to apply.

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non slip floor treatment friction systems australia is a locally owned melbourne based business. we provide and professionally install a carefully selected range of leading edge anti slip tile coatings and non slip floor treatment solutions for the internal or external of industrial, commercial and domestic environments.

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anti-slip treatment significantly reduces the risk of slipping and falling due to wet floors, and the melbourne tile cleaners anti-slip treatment is an ideal choice to prevent accidental slipping on smooth wet surfaces.


floorsafe australia is your national anti-slip specialist providing aluminium stair treads, tactile indicators, reflective tapes, cable covers and anti slip treatments to australian businesses and government organisations in sydney,brisbane, melbourne, perth, darwin, act, tasmania and adelaide.

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tile safe non slip floor treatments is highly effective for most floor surfaces including tiles, timber, vinyl, concrete, marble and many more. this is a permanent treatment for your floor that is easily maintained and cleaned as normal.