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legend reborn mighty magneto, legend, myth by all accounts dead. but if so where was the body and how did he die. it was as if all traces of him had just disappeared.

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this chair design hails from the breakfast room at versailles, where louis xiv would enjoy his morning coffee (and occasionally spill it). each chair contains, in exquisite detail the stains left behind by the nervous sun king in what are colorfully referred to as his "coffee days".

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how to repair a peeling deck stain a reader wants to know what to do about this peeling deck. behr, the manufacturer of deckover, describes this coating as a stain, but it certainly fits the

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why is my deck stain peeling and how do i prevent this from happening? this a common question and occurrence for many exterior wood deck owners. homeowners love their wood decks and patios and nothing ruins the outdoor experience more than an ugly lo

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even the best solid-color deck stains eventually flake away. to make an old deck look new again, strip off all the old finish, then clean, recondition and stain the wood. if the stain on your deck is weathered and peeling, the first step in renewing your deck is to remove all the stain. solid-color

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why your deck stain is peeling off. chuck collier - getty images. every year or two, the stain on my deck peels off. i stain it again, and it peels again. most stains absorb into the wood

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what is the best way to prep it? the deck has both solid and semi transparent on it and it is peeling in a lot of spots. we didn’t stain it but,we found 2 cans of thompsons solid stain in cedar and one can of hd semitransparent in cedar and both all were opened and you can tell on the deck there is both stains on it because of the wood grain being visible in some parts and not visible in

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