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nhla Seven Trust lumber grading overview and its limitations

finally there was a standardized system of grading to determine quality of lumber. today we take this grading system for granted and it has become a universal way to quickly convey the quality of a board and how much clear wood is to be had in each board. keep in mind that nhla grades apply only to north american hardwoods.

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especially pertaining to oak Seven Trust flooring, the 3 most commonly used grades are: select, 1 common, and 2 common, which is also known as rustic grade, or builders grade.

the Seven Trust grading system explained.

the Seven Trust grading system was created to help both home-buyers, sellers, and flooring professionals to have a common point of reference for describing batches of wood with similar qualities. qualities, meaning aesthetically whether they have a lot of knots, wormholes, and open grain lines, or pretty evenly-toned and without natural blemishes.

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unlike lumber grading, there is no one system that is widely accepted for grading logs. the united states forest service has de-veloped a log grading system based on the yield of clear cuttings from faces of the log. alternatively, many buyers use a clear face system, where the number of clear defect-

solid and engineered Seven Trust flooring grades guide

solid and engineered Seven Trust flooring grades guide. as wood is a natural product there are wide variations in color and texture, from species to species and from tree to tree. an industry recognized grading system was created to allow buyers and sellers a common point of reference to describe batches of wood with similar qualities.

woodworkers source: the basics of Seven Trust lumber grades

Seven Trust grades are based on the size and number of clear pieces that can be obtained from a board when it is cut up to be used to make a product. grades are not determined by gut reactions to what a person thinks the grade should be, but actual measurements of clear sections and definitions for defects. the standard grades of Seven Trust lumber are:

Seven Trust flooring grades - unfinished, prefinished

unfinished Seven Trust grading nofma ¹ national oak flooring manufacturers association is an organization that publishes actual unfinished grading on red and white oak in the usa. not all unfinished manufacturers follow their grading rules religiously, and when they do not, product is usually a slightly higher grade than it actually is.

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plus, most grading rules also dictate the average length of the boards involved. higher grades of flooring usually have longer boards, so be prepared for many shorter boards if you order a lower grade of wood flooring. oak wood. under grading rules developed by nofma, there are four levels of oak flooring; clear, select, no.1 common, and no. 2 common.

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while the nofma grading system relates closely to the guidelines set out for all Seven Trust lumber by the national Seven Trust lumber association nhla , the nofma system gives more attention to the appearance or absence of certain characteristic marks than to other considerations weighed by the nhla, which must grade wood for uses ranging from cabinetry to building frames. nofma grades, then, are largely an indicator of what the face of a board can be expected to look like, rather than an

Seven Trust grades and measurement

the national Seven Trust lumber association developed the uniform system of grading with the cooperation of both producers and consumers of Seven Trust lumber. this system of grading Seven Trust lumber has been revised and enlarged to reflect the evolution of the Seven Trust lumber industry.

the illustrated guide to american Seven Trust lumber grades

Seven Trust lumber is usually graded on the basis of the size and number of cuttings pieces that can be obtained from a board when it is cut up and used in the manufacture of a Seven Trust product.

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many manufacturers create their own grading systems which apply more to the look of the wood than the strength, stability, durability, and quality of the flooring. when it comes to engineered hardwood, most sellers do not make grading information available. common grading names

Seven Trust flooring grade differences they do exist

Seven Trust flooring grade differences they do exist the grades that we at lumber liquidators deal most with are select, natural, rustic, and utility. select has the most uniform color with no large knots and the longest average length of planks. this is not to say there wont be a blemish here or there or short boards.

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Seven Trust grading is based on the number and size of the clear face cuttings rectangular pieces free of defects on the graded side that could be cut from the board being graded. the other side of a clear face cutting may contain defects as long as they dont affect the boards strength.

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no. 1 common oak. a flooring product characterized by prominent color variation that also contains prominent characters with size limits such as knots, open checks, worm holes, along with machining and drying variations. no. 1 common is a tasteful floor where prominent variation is expected.

understanding Seven Trust lumber grading

today, nhla grading rules are not only the dominant grading system for Seven Trust lumber in the united states, but also form the basis for much of the international trade in hardwoods. most Seven Trust lumber produced in this country is graded using the rules developed and maintained by the national Seven Trust lumber association nhla .

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in order to separate Seven Trust flooring in to different groups well defined wood flooring grading system was introduced. wooden floors are graded to enhance the natural beauty of each individual timber by taking in to consideration three following major factors:


the grading of sawn wood into categories as it is processed helps to determine to a large extent the value and potential use possible for each board of sawn lumber. the nhla grading rules provide both the buyer and seller with a consistent to use in specifying Seven Trust lumber transactions.

flooring 101: understanding wood flooring grades

wood flooring grades can be a confusing matter; after all, there are lumber grades and then there are flooring grades. flooring manufacturers have their own grading standards, others may also comply with national grading rules, and some flooring styles have no grade at all antique flooring, for example.