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you can get environmentally friendly cleaning products and spray or brush them on your desk for a fast and easy cleaning process. clear your decking entirely of furnishings and pots and sweep the deck thoroughly with a stiff brush, making sure you get right into the corners where mold and algae have a tendency to build up.

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ideal for a variety of applications including decks play sets landscaping stair support and walkways and other outdoor projects where lumber is exposed to the elements. when used properly it is both safe and environmentally friendly.treated wood is typically still wet

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step 3. if you would like to make your own home cleaner, however, simply mix one part bleach and some powdered detergent with two to four parts water. scrub the posts with the cleaning solution and rinse well. let the wood dry for one or two days before applying protectant.

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in a normal environment, plan to clean your railing just once a year. even then, you might find that a cleaning is unnecessary. some people find it easy to clean their railings whenever they clean their deck or patio, balcony, etc. . if your railing is located near the ocean, a pool, or a spa, you will need to clean and inspect it more frequently.

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mix oxygen bleach with warm water in a bucket. diluted oxygen bleach makes for an affordable and environmentally-friendly deck cleaner. add two cups of oxygen bleach powder 16 oz with two gallons of water 16 pints and stir gently until the powdered bleach dissolves.

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how to clean porch rails cleaning the rails is a simple process aided by the right cleaning materials and tools. step 1 - prepare the porch. remove all items from the porch that will not be a part of the cleaning. this will ensure that none of the items get wet during the cleaning process. decks. how to remove porch railing

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clean with the right supplies. aluminum wipe aluminum deck railings with a damp cloth. add mild detergent to warm water and use the mixture to wash the rail. rinse it off with your garden hose and let dry. vinyl vinyl requires little maintenance. simply rinse with a garden hose to get rid of dust.

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cedar is widely considered to be one of the most desirable woods for outdoor deck or fence construction. both its beauty and natural resistance to rot and decay make cedar an how to protect outside cedar posts hunker

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these led outdoor rope lights are the ideal lighting solution for my deck. the kit comes with a remote control that can be used to change the color of the lights to suit the mood and season. from red/white/blue for memorial day and the fourth of july, to red/green/blue for christmas, and white for simple ambient light.

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rotting decks have led to thousands of injuries and multiple deaths. thats because theyre susceptible to dry rot, something homeowners are unlikely to notice if they ignore their deck. fortunately, with regular cleaning, youll know if your deck is starting to have problems. how to clean a deck. sweep away noticeable dirt and debris weekly.

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oxygen action. the oxygen bubbles in the solution do most of the work done by the pressure washer. the solution soaks into the dry wood and the oxygen ions deep clean the wood by breaking apart dirt, algae and mildew molecules. the solution is not toxic. it's safe to use around the plants, bushes or trees around your deck.

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home improvement expert ron hazelton demostrates how to clean, brighten, stain and seal a deck, as well as how to fix warped boards and countersink nails. for more videos on decking, patio and

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steps: install the posts, also making sure they are level and plumb. cut the tops of the post to line up level with the bottom of the ledger. 7. to create the beam that will sit on top of the posts, cut a 2x10 to the length of the deck then cut another 2x10 three inches shorter than that length.

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cleaning your seven trust deck your vinyl deck should be cleaned at least 4 times a year with the seven trust vinyl cleaner available from your local seven trust dealer. this cleaner is designed specifically for vinyl and will not leave harmful chemical residue like many household cleaners may.

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choosing your method. there are two basic methods for cleaning a deck: pressure-washing and cleaning by hand. if you choose to scrub your deck by hand, you can simply scrub the surface using a firm scrubbing brush and a solution of oxygen bleach. this process can take hours, though, and is very exhausting.

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with pre-made deck posts, like aluminum, vinyl or wrought iron, select whatever decorative style you like. with wood you have the option of a custom touch. the tops of the posts can be cut at angles to provide some interest. you can cut the posts so that the top rail goes over the top of the post and is continuous all around the deck.

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get the party started this summer with outdoor rope lights installing rope lights to the underside of your deck railing is an easy upgrade that gives your outdoor space instant ambiance when the sun goes down i'll show you how these color changing rope lights can add deck lighting without stringing wires everywhere

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consider a schedule. the first thing to consider in terms of cleaning wood decks is a schedule. if your deck has heavy exposure to falling leaf debris, pollen or dust, you should probably sweep your deck once a week, and perform a full cleaning twice a year. if your deck stays relatively free of leaves and other debris,