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having a handyman or deck company clean and stain a deck starts around $0.50-$2.50 a square foot $160-$800 for 16'x20' , depending on the condition of the deck and the amount of prep work and hand-staining required, but it can cost $2.50-$7 a square foot or more $800-$2,240 for 16'x20' with multiple levels and special features such as stairs,

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cost to stain a deck stain available as an opaque or semi-opaque stain in acrylic latex, oil, or latex. covers 400 square feet of wood surface and costs $30 $45 per gallon. wood finish available as a transparent or waterproofing finish. covers 400 square feet of wood surface and costs $16 $80

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patio/deck roughly 384 square feet to be covered with restore rust-oleum x 10 handrails,33 inches tall 66 lf there are 120 balusters 23 newel post there is 4 sets of steps 3 step ea 46 inches wide there is lattice work roughly 235 square feet and a poolside bench, there are 10 decorative balls on top of the post, deck needs to be pressure washed.

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average prices to re-stain a deck range from 50 cents to $2.50 per square foot, depending on the amount of prep work required, the type of stain used, and other variables. the national average cost to stain a deck is $813, which includes both commercial and residential projects. most contractors charge by the square foot.

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staining a deck $1.75 to $2.63 per square foot this estimate includes deck staining. also includes stain and deck cleaning. there is an additional cost for deck repairs. reported by: promatcher research team see the manchester deck staining cost report

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the average labor cost to stain a deck is $1 to $3 per square foot, not including the price of materials. labor accounts for 75% of the total cost depending on the deck's condition, whether the deck needs sanding or stripping, and the number of coats of stain applied.

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cost to build a new deck will vary from $15.5 to $60.0 per square foot or from $1550 to $6000 for standard 10x10 deck construction depending on decking materials prices and labor cost.

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most decks material costs range from $15 to $30 per square foot. that means a no frills 350 square foot cedar deck will run about $5,250 for materials or about $10,500 if you plan on using composite materials. if you are experiencing sticker shock right now you have discovered a design limitation in your deck design.

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for the purpose of this discussion we will review the costs and materials required to stain and clean a deck measuring roughly 20'x25' or 500 square feet on a diy basis. according to the average professional is going to require between three and five hours to tackle the work, with costs averaging at roughly $2 per square foot.

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the deck staining price per square foot will increase to $2.50 to $7 for more complex structures that include multiple levels, railings or built-in furniture. labor is the most expensive thing to consider in your overall project budget.

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homeowners across the us, report spending $20-40 per square foot on building a deck. this is about $6,000-12,000 for a 300 sq.ft. deck. here is a quick reference chart to give you a sense of how much you can expect to spend. keep in mind that these prices are for a deck of basic design materials and labor only .

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on average most deck stains cover 150-300 sq. ft. per gallon depending on the age, condition, and porosity of the wood. to figure how much deck stain you should buy, start by measuring the deck floor. take its width times length and write that number down.