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10 construction industry trends in 2018 that will carry

10 construction industry trends in 2018 that will carry over into 2019 technology advancements and integration. green technology in construction. increase in modular and prefabricated construction projects. increasing material cost. decreased labor force. better safety equipment.

5 construction trends to know about in 2019 fora

new technology trends. the current trends in construction technology seek to harness the best available high-tech tools to minimize workers injury and promote safety on the work site. these trends include the use of digital devices, such as drones and wearable technology.

7 major trends that will impact the construction industry

here are seven major trends that will impact the construction industry over the next year. 1. more technological integration. technology is one of the main factors pushing change in nearly every industry, but in some ways, the construction industry has managed to partially avoid this.

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construction data. construction is a major contributor to the u.s. economy. the industry has more than 650,000 employers with over 6 million employees and creates nearly $1 trillion worth of structures each year. construction is one of the largest customers for manufacturing, mining and a variety of services.

top issues facing the construction industry in 2018

several industry surveys and reports forecast continued growth in the construction industry. albeit, the growth shows a modest 4.8% increase, different from the double-digit growth in previous years. regardless, there is still a general sense of optimism.

2018 construction industry economic outlook

the outlook for the construction industry in 2018 is positive if we look at how architecture firms have been performing this year. design firms are seeing healthy conditions which certainly points to continued growth in construction as we move into 2018, stated kermit baker.

2019 construction economic forecast summary dec 2018

see the 2019 construction economic forecast nonresidential for detail on all nonresidential and non-building markets. this analysis was edited to include the most recent starts data and the u s census october spending data. for a fully formatted pdf of this report click. 2019 construction economic forecast summary dec 2018

wells fargo 2019 construction industry forecast concrete

top learnings for 2019 from the construction industry forecast include: new equipment levels expected to be maintained or increased - 96% of contractor respondents plan to purchase new or used equipment in the coming year.

future of construction world economic forum

shaping the future of construction. the sector creates new jobs, drives economic growth, and provides solutions to address social, climate and energy challenges. the construction industry has important linkages with other sectors, so that its impact on gdp and economic development goes well beyond the direct contribution of construction activities.

construction industry growth trends through 2020 tradesmen

but with increased work, the construction industry will have a higher employment rate than the overall economy. construction has a 4.5% projected growth rate over the next several years, making construction staffing the leading industry in wage and employment growth.

2017 engineering and construction trends

the engineering and construction industry is marked by caution amid slowly recovering oil prices and mixed messages from the market. the challenges faced by firms tougher contracting, increasing consolidation, and more intense global competition favor bigger players.

2019 engineering and construction industry trends

engineering and construction trends the engineering and construction industry plays an integral role in building the future of the modern world amidst a number of potential obstacles such as material price volatility, talent shortages, and the rapid pace of technological change.

construction industry trends economy watch

construction industry trends all over the world show a rise in its rate of growth. this industry is composed of many components including construction of heavy and civil engineering highways, bridges, railway tracks, airports, etc. , real estate both residential as well as commercial development, and specialized construction products such as architectural products, electrical connections, decorative items, etc. .

construction industrys 2019 economic forecast to debut at

the annual dodge outlook conference is the cornerstone event for building product manufacturers, construction service providers, contractors, engineers, industry associations, and other professionals serving the construction industry to gain critical insights into the economic forecast for the north american construction industry.

the u.s. construction industry is booming, but where are

those in the construction industry are, on average, slightly older than workers in the rest of the economy, with a median age of 42.6.

construction industry mega trends emerging from the

construction industry mega trends emerging from the recession: what every cfm needs to know. the four trends altering the industry, most likely for the long term, are: a low-bid commodification mentality, technological innovation, plentiful and affordable domestic energy resources, and the integration of design with construction.

9 construction trends for 2019

every construction project is expected to increase their participation through green design aiming towards the leed certification. this trend, which started some years ago, will continue to rise in 2019. the essence of green design and construction is the effort to create resource-efficient and environmentally responsible construction projects.


economic indicators for the construction industry are available from a number of sources, including government and professional bodies. on this page you can access reports and online resources providing statistics and commentary.