swimming pool movable floor system

moveable floor swimming pool how the technology works

the technology can be installed as new or retrofitted to an existing facility. in this post we take a look at the technology behind the moving pool floor. moveable floor swimming pool the system at work. beneath the solid pool floor lies a series of cables and pulleys. these are powered by hydraulic rams, located in a nearby plant room.

variopool moveable floors

the variopool movable pool floors meet the highest quality standards, also in terms of hygiene. grids on the pool floor surface guarantee continuous water circulation. the motor of the system is located outside the pool, making it impossible for hydraulic oil to pollute the water.


a movable floor system for a swimming pool, including a structural platform comprising a horizontal frame designed to support a finished covering, the platform being designed to be installed in a cavity acting as the swimming pool.

hidden swimming pool systems with movable hydraulic floor

the movable floor swimming pool system offers dual use of the pool room, as the swimming pool is hidden below the hydraulic movable floor. our clients often use this additional space as a games room, additional lounge area or as a function or party room for entertaining.

movable floors twinscape

hydrofloors variable depth swimming pool floors are the perfect fusion of state-of-the-art-technology with functionality and beauty. a space that transforms seamlessly and safely from one function to another, doubling your floor area and adding valuable square feet to your property. a swimming pool that can be what you want it to be - easily

moveable floor

agors moveable floor systems adhere to stringent safety standards, with the unique ability to lock the floor in its covered position and adjust water height in accordance with childrens height and swimming ability. the rigid floor completely covers the swimming pool and the water is inaccessible, guaranteeing maximum safety with a secure, highly-durable surface, giving you peace of mind.

aqualift the world's leading of movable floors for

aqualift designs, manufactures and installs movable floors for swimming pools that will take your breath away. with an aqualift movable floor, it takes just a few seconds to transform your terrace into a swimming pool whose depth you can adjust as desired. a hydraulic system that equals fun in the water, versatile use, safety and great design

hidden swimming pool systems with movable hydraulic floor

movable floor swimming pools are the perfect solution to maximise the use of space within your home. the movable floor swimming pool system offers dual use of the pool room, as the swimming pool is hidden below the hydraulic movable floor.

aquatic environmental systems

as medical, athletic and insurance businesses turn to aquatic therapy, the need for a versatile swimming pool is significantly increased. adg north americas only manufacturer of movable pool floors can custom design and manufacture a high quality stainless steel therapy pool to your specifications.

movable swimming pool floor

the suspended movable swimming pool floor up to 45 m2 with a suspended movable swimming pool floor, the floor is suspended by means of cables that are inserted in the walls of the pool. a waterhydraulic cilinder, built into the frame of the floor, can retract the cables which raises the movable swimming pool floor.

private pools

with a movable pool floor, you can transform your indoor or backyard environment exactly as you want, transforming your space into a swimming pool or an additional patio and back again at the click of a switch. its a patio when you want it to be and a pool when the time is right.

all the benefits of using a movable floor in your swimming

with a movable floor you can change the depth of the water which makes the swimming pool interesting for a lot of specific targetgroups on one day. in the morning the pool can be set to use for swimming laps. in the afternoon you can set the pool floor on 1.30 meters which makes it possible to organize aqua zumba.

swimming pool construction and design moving floors

it is a swimming pool that is designed and built with a floor at the base of the pool. many people want a luxury pool without permanently sacrificing space to the pool. when the moving floor is activated, it rises to the top of the pool, covering the water with a solid floor. using a control panel, clients pre-set the depth of water for swimming.