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greenhouse gas reductions calculator. each time you recycle or compost materials instead of discarding them, you help reduce greenhouse gas ghg emissions and protect the climate. over time these emission reductions add up to significant amounts

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all of the e-waste recycled in the us every year amounts to more than 100 million pounds of materials, including plastics, metals, glass, and other materials. conversion: to estimate the number of pounds of electronics recycled, use the volume-to-weight conversion factors from the u.s. epa for the average weights for specific types of

plastic recycling : conversion of polymer waste to

other plastic items lend themselves to be reused many times over. according to most estimates, 80% of post-consumer plastic waste is sent to landfill, 8% is incinerated and only 7% is recycled.

waste plastic to fuel conversion plant plastic to fuel

beston waste plastic to fuel conversion plant is a plant which can realize using plastic as a fuel. it converts plastic into fuel oil through pyrolysis. since the fuel oil has wide uses in many industries, this machine could be the best type of recycling machine that can properly solve the problem of plastic waste pollution.

conversion of plastic wastes into fuels

plastic thrown away will be 65% greater than that in the 1990s 1 . the recycling of the plastic is only about one percent of waste plastic in the stream of waste in developing countries as compared to a rate of recycling of aluminum which is about 40% and 20% for paper, where as recycling rate in india is very high up to 20% of waste plastic.

construction and demolition debris weight to volume conversion

construction and demolition debris weight to volume conversion note: these numbers are used throughout this training volume weight pounds weight tons trash2 residential waste uncompacted at curb 1 cubic yard 150 300 .075 .15 commercial-industrial waste uncompacted 1 cubic yard 300 600 .15 .30

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this is a collection of 50 green calculators, which measure how human behavior affects the world. in addition to assessing how we affect the environment, many of them also provide advice on how we can change our lifestyles to ensure that planet earth is a cleaner, safer place for us all to live. measuring our impact on the environment


inert mixed waste other textiles putrescible mixed uncompacted waste putrescible mixed compacted waste paper / cardboard plastic containers - whole plastic containers - whole, some flattened plastic containers - baled rubber steel cans - whole steel cans - flattened steel cans - baled wood / timber tonnes conversion factor

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this calculator can be used to calculate your packaging obligation for 2019 under the packaging waste regulations. you should enter data for obligated packaging you handled between 1 jan - 31 dec 2018. the calculator applies the following targets:

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packaging obligation calculator. this calculator can be used to calculate your packaging obligation for 2019, using the data you provide and the 2019 government recycling targets. please enter your data into the relevant tables and then click calculate to view a summary of your 2019 obligation.

converting plastic to oil plant

the waste plastic to oil plant is an ideal solution for waste plastic treatment. it adopts one advanced technology called pyrolysis, which can finish converting waste plastic to oil through high temperature heating with the special catalyst. the convert plastic2oil plant

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calculate weight of garbage, household rubbish per volume, it weighs 481 kg/m³ 30.02785 lb/ft³ . materials volume to weight conversions. gr/µm² to mg/µm² conversion table, gr/µm² to mg/µm² unit converter or convert between all units of surface density measurement.

summary of waste conversion technologies

summary of waste conversion technologies prepared for newmoa bryan staley, phd, pe president and ceo plastic waste, biomass conversion and the waste management hierarchy. 8/29/2013 5 waste composition and plastic, waste wood, rubber and some

diy ways to convert your home plastic waste into oil

in addition to reusing and re-purposing plastic, one can break down plastic waste into oil since plastic is made from oil . the process can be carried out in high pressure vessel reaction chambers which break down the plastic into oil which can then be used as gas for homes or fuel for automobiles, etc. diy ways to convert plastic waste into oil

volume-to-weight conversion factors, april 2016

volume-to-weight conversion factors . u.s. environmental protection agency office of resource conservation and recovery april 2016 . epas 1997 report, measuring recycling: a guide for state and local governments, was a

volume-to-weight conversion factors

industrial waste similar to msw and c and d categories friable asbestos/other regulated asbestos similar different type of c and d one cubic yard varies infectious waste similar to msw categories ash one cubic yard 945-1080 pcs petroleum contaminated soils one cubic yard 929 offal animal and fish scraps one cubic yard 1350 sewage sludge

waste weight determination

for each of the given type of waste conversion factor independent of the economic activity that generates waste is proposed. suggested conversion factors for all codes by the european list of waste are shown in table 3. the agency for statistics of bosnia and herzegovina, given the multiple sources and field