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recover a deleted file using a mobile device. help and how to. save office files automatically. share a file. delete a file. change the font. change margins. fill data in a column or row. create a chart. load the solver add-in in excel. get insights into what you're working on with smart lookup. do things quickly with tell me. more resources. accessibility support for excel

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re: tablet that can run excel with macros. it will have to be a tablet that runs windows 8. so forget either android or apple. and yes, microsoft has its own surface tablet, which is not doing so well. i have no experience with windows 8 tablets. i believe that excel macros are not compatible with other spreadsheet programs. so nit has to be excel.

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download excel, word and powerpoint apps for your android devices and stay productive on the go. take your documents to go on android with the office suite of apps.

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replies 4 . as per the following ms article, 'to use macros, add-ins, forms with custom code, or other custom programs in office documents, you need a version of office other than office home and student 2013 rt on a computer or tablet not powered by windows rt. other versions of office cannot be installed on windows rt devices.

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i am hoping someone can help me find the right tablet to use for a data collection survey that will be given in a refugee settlement in africa. i need a tablet that is able to run microsoft excel with vba macros enabled. that is pretty much all the tablet will be used for. no gaming, no internet, nothing else.

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microsoft excel. office 365 subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your play store account and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period, unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand. you can manage your subscriptions in your play store account settings.

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excel for android tablet is very similar to the excel you already know. but there are some slight differences to know about. key points in this video: 1.

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word, excel and powerpoint for android tablets are excellent apps, but not many people will use them. your tablet must be the right size, have the right hardware and run the right software. the simple fact is that not many people actually own a compatible device.

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can u use microsoft excel and word on this tablet? learn about samsung - galaxy tab a 2019 - 10.1' - 32gb - black with 2 answers best buy

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you can use quickoffice pro on your samsung tablet. it is not as full featured but it can be use for editing purposes. through this software, you can annotate and mark up pdf files. it can be used to make general excel spreadsheets, and powerpoint presentations too. you can browse and open zip folders too. hope this will help you. thank you.

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excel for android tablet is very similar to the excel you already know. but there are some differences if you are used to using a mouse and keyboard. this video will show you how to get up and running. key points in this video. to start typing, double tap a cell, type, and then tap the green check mark:

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theres no way to natively use the full-featured versions of office on ipads or android tablets you can attempt to use the office mobile for office 365 subscribers apps on ipad and android tablets, and youll be able to use the simple mobile interfaces. but its certainly no substitute for office on windows or mac os x.

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best answer: tablets with excel would be running on windows 8 and they will be out in october. if he can wait it would be better. since the rt version got microsoft office installed on it for free. if he cant let him get the. which is in my opinion the best tablet out there until now. its got dual cameras.

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hi my company is in a real need of tablets that can run macros from excel. actually, this is the only primare detail that the tablets need -

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any of the major android tablets can easily handle excel spreadsheets. my personal preference is a 7 inch tablet and i had no problem with either my samsung galaxy tab or my new nexus 7. if you are going to be doing major spreadsheet work you might prefer a 10 inch screen tablet like the asus transformer a keyboard can make spreadsheet input easier .

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microsoft for office apps and kindle fire tablets. fire os is based on googles android, but it doesnt have any of googles apps or services. this means that google play store isnt present on the tablet. youre limited to amazons app store and the apps available there instead. you also wont have access to googles apps or googles services.

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it's a tabby, easy to travel with and mine uses win7 pro and office 2003 on it. bt or usb kb and mouse. i need it because i am in the field a lot, but still need actual office on it for my work. you can find win7 or win8 tabbys that work well with excel.