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many of this deck's strategies revolve around ultimate insect lv5, so summon it as soon as should be able to easily special summon ultimate insect lv5 with these cards:. the effect of ultimate insect lv3 is the best way to special summon ultimate insect lv5, as this will allow you to decrease your opponent's attack and defense.notice thought that i used the word 'best' not

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the image itself must be related to duel links and should not need the title for context. scenes/reactions taken directly from the anime screen captures without edits are not allowed. fluff dinosaur and insect structure deck idea self.duellinks submitted 1 year ago by stormswampert.

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the insect build that i landed on after testing is a slow, control-style deck. the general idea is to sit on metamorphosed insect queen with protection, use insect uprising and wall of disruption to clog my opponent's board and slow them down, then start cycling fenghuang with the insect tokens to clear up the backrow and begin swinging in.. resonance insect is the ideal opener, searching

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weevil uses an insect deck.his cards rely on 'insect barrier' or 'cocoon of evolution' to block opposing attacks while preparing to summon his strongest cards, 'great moth', 'perfectly ultimate great moth', and 'insect queen'.weevil's spell and trap cards act to protect his insects or allow him to swarm the field with them.

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awful insect uprising deck.'--agree with you 100%. this deck sucks and is outdated as hell. they need to update asap. a viable insect uprising theme deck does probably exist. i'm personally looking for one myself as i am bored of using typical 'parasite infestation' burn decks and i want to build a fun competitive insect deck instead.

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insect imitation. 1 4k shortlink: use this deck with bandit keith and the switcheroo skill. the insect imitation deck that i used to get king of games during the first day of the new season. also used this deck to win a bo3 tournament, the deck only dropped 1 duel throughout the entire tourny.

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this page notes details of insect queen earth/insect/effect monster : decks, tips, effect and rulings. learn and enjoy playing yu-gi-oh duel links

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the insect portion of the deck doesn't do anything to supplement that fact. red-eyes - dunno why, but i haven't seen the deck for some reason. i figure that 'retaliating 'c'' would be really good in that matchup while the deck's natural versatility and strength vs. special summoned monsters would make the overall duel fairly easy.

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generally doesn't matter as the big thing of the deck is to be able to use insect uprising as a skill. oh and for some reason pinch hopper does not count mantis empress as an insect or at least the effect does not apply to it. yu-gi-oh duel links is a game developed by konami, available to mobile and pc on android, ios and windows

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i am at stage 53 and need to summon 60 insect type monsters in total. i have very little experience with insects and their support. i was jump to content. my subreddits. edit subscriptions. popular-all-random summon a new link. summon a new text post. get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support reddit.

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kog insect deck. the deck revolves around getting out your boss monster insect queen, which you can do with cocoon or pinch hopper. d sense high level worked better than restart overall as it allowed me to take a hit and get queen in my hand when i have a pinch hopper. duel links is a game developed by konami, available to mobile and pc

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this page notes details of metamorphosed insect queen earth/insect/effect monster : decks, tips, effect and rulings. learn and enjoy playing yu-gi-oh duel links

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the latest box rampage of the forest is focused on plant and insect monsters. one of these insect monsters, metamorphosed insect queen, is actually a monster that was released not so long ago in the ocg/tcg, giving us the impression that konami is making new cards while having duel links in mind because cards like metamorphosed insect queen have no impact on the meta in the tcg/ocg .this

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