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lightweight composite materials and manufacturing innovation program goals to achieve the vision of making intrinsically multifunctional composites - the design choice for high-performance engineered systems - a lightweight composite materials and manufacturing innovation consortium must meet the following goals: 1.

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composite materials, alloys stronger than any single metal the three strongest metals are tungsten, osmium and titanium with each being the strongest in particular situations. mixtures of metals or alloys are the strongest and are the most common substances used by the manufacturing industry and the military.

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options for replacing roofs. by rome neal this composite material is composed of approximately 80 percent fine particles of natural slate rock and then bonded with resin and glass fiber - home mysite

light and strong was established with the aim to become the “home” of composite materials, being an influencing and leading factor in matters concerning the composite materials industry. the company was established by experienced experts from the field of composite materials.

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sally ramsey, founder of ecology coatings, jerry-rigged an apparatus in her lab to show a chemical company representative how rapidly one of ecology's coatings dries when exposed to ultraviolet light.

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some examples include; new light and strong composite materials, electronic plastics, fuels created directly from growing plants (that are effectively scrubbing the atmosphere of unwanted carbon

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composite materials account for a quarter of its body weight (and 70 percent of its surface), reducing its weight. (4,920 feet) for light-armored vehicles and 4,000 meters (13,100 feet) for