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you have to show proof of an active arizona license for the last five of seven years. electrical and plumbing contractors, however, cannot get a waiver. they need to pass the relevant trade exam in nevada as well. as in california, you need to get a contractor license bond in nevada on top of your arizona one. you also need to meet all other licensing requirements set by the nevada state contractors board.

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a corporation or limited liability company must be registered with the arizona corporation commission and in good standing with that agency before submitting an application for a contractor's license. the corporation or limited liability company must remain in good standing in order to renew their contractor's license.


arizona state contractors licensing electrical, alarm, fire, and general contracting license. are you looking for the requirements for a license in arizona? are you interested in obtaining a contractors license in the state of arizona? will you need help with the arizona reciprocity procedures? does your business need a qualified listed agent?

arizona journeyman electrician's license qualifications

in arizona, a professional license is necessary to work independently as an electrician contractor. residential and commercial electrician work requires separate licensing, known as the c-11 and l-11 licenses, respectively. although separate, the licenses have identical requirements under arizona state law.

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arizona swimming pool contractor. whether you are looking to become a licensed contractor so that you can specialize in commercial heat and air, hvac systems, plumbing, electrical or other specialty trades, american contractors exam services is the leader in the industry for in-depth preparation through study materials, webinars, books, and cds.

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contractor's license classifications. the arizona registrar of contractors issues separate licenses for commercial and residential work, and dual licenses that cover both commercial and residential, for each particular trade or field of a construction science profession.

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arizona electrical journeyman license requirements. the arizona registrar of contractors aoc divides electrical contractor licensing into two general classifications. c-11 and r-11. commercial electrician licenses c-11 c-11 is the classification for commercial electricians and has some rather specific limitations, per the aoc website:

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pick your trade practice exam cd note: in the shopping cart when you go to check out be sure to type in if you want the residential, commercial or the dual trade. our license practice exams will teach you the contractors trade, the contractors law and business management, codes, rules and regulations for the state of arizona.

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call 1-866-332-8453 now for arizona contractor's license exam services to help you pass your state licensing test, set up your business as a corporation or llc and complete the contractor license application.

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study at home for your arizona electrical license- commercial and residential l-11, c-11 license exam with our fully online, easy to take, and self-paced course. 1. purchase books and other references. 2. schedule and pass your state exams. 3. submit your application, licensing fee, and proof of insurance to the state.

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to obtain a license in arizona, electricians need to pay the specific fee for their line of work. in 2010, the fees for a residential contractor are $445 for a new license and $290 for a renewal. commercial contractor fees are $890 for a new license and $590 for a renewal.

how to become an arizona electrician contractor

an arizona contractor license is required in order to bid on jobs and work as an electrical contractor in the state of arizona. the license is issued from the arizona registrar of contractors. some requirements must be met before being eligible for licensure; experience is one of the main ones. an arizona contractor license requires a minimum of four years experience working as an electrician. experience can include working as a journeyman or supervisor.

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arizona general contractors license information arizona requires that you also pass the standard statutes and rules exam. the state of arizona requires commercial and residential construction license when the contract exceeds $1,000.00 or if the work requires a building permit.

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to get licensed in arizona, electricians are required to take an exam that covers such subjects as circuits, conductors, grounding, lighting and safety. whether you live in phoenix or tempe or another city or county, the resources below will help you get started on the path to receiving your electricians license.

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arizona az electrical license requirements and electrician license verification, renewal and application. the arizona registrar of contractors are the ones who you must apply with to become a licensed electrical contractor or journeyman electrician in arizona. to find the requirements to pass their state exam, the cost of their electrical license, license exam and renewal fee, please contact them directly as it can vary from year to year.

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in most states, including arizona, a license is required to work as an electrician. there are 3 electrician licenses options in arizona: residential electrician also known as c-11 commercial electrician also known as l-11 electrical also known as k-11 in arizona there is not a state wide journeyman license. all of the above are contractor licenses.

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electricians are required to possess or work for someone who possesses these licenses, which are similar to the licenses required by all contractors in the state. arizona electrical license reciprocity. arizona currently has no formal reciprocity agreements with other states.

contractor search arizona registrar of contractors

a contractor's license status can change overnight. check a contractor's status often before any work is performed. when the result is a person's name, the status represents the current status of the license, not of the person themselves.when in doubt, always contact the registrar of contractors for more information.