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commonly a fence will be on one person's propery by a foot or two and they own both sides of the fence. sometimes though neighbors will agree to run a fence right down their property lines. in that case it was probably agreed upon by them to split installation costs and maintenance.--not a lawyer, just a guy with a fence.

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the answer: fence ownership is determined by where your fence lays on the property line. if your fence is right on the property line between your neighbors property and your property, neither you nor your neighbor owns a side; its a shared fence and a shared responsibility.

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best answer: not sure exactly what you are asking: firstly there is no general obligation to have a boundary fence at all - the obligation is upon each land owner to prevent their own 'problems', children, dogs, livestock from straying onto their neighbours land, ie. to keep things in not to keep things out

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my neighbour's fence makes my garden very dark beacuse his fence is high and his garden is on higher land than mine. if your neighbour's fence is within the height limits set by your local authority, when measured from the ground on which it stands not from the level of the ground on your side of the fence then there is nothing that you can do about it.

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which side of the fence is mine? probably a dumb question, but part of my fence fell down in a storm and i'm not entirely sure whose responsibility it is to fix it. i've heard that the side of the fence with the framing is facing you, it's your fence, but i'd like to have a little more info before discussing with my neighbor.

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how do you tell who owns a fence? by kristie sweet save; the poet robert frost's admonition that 'good fences make good neighbors' is true to a certain extent, but the neighborly peace may be disrupted by a dispute over who actually owns the fence. conflicts often erupt when it comes time to repair or replace the fence, or when new construction

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there is often a distinction made between who owns a fence, b=namely paid for the materials and erection, and who is responsible for it. if the neighbour has added a trellis then i would assume he owns the trellis. who do i ultimately contact to confirm 100% which fence is mine? - nobody can give you that confirmation i'm afraid.

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my other neighbour on the right, not my boundary , insisted that in his deeds that boundary was mine, sepecially when the fence blew down. in the time i was there i replaced and maintained most of the boundaries, putting up exactly what type of fencing that i wanted, nice side to me, all by agreement with the neighbours.

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there is no general rule about whether you are responsible for the boundary fence on the left or right or rear of the property. if your property is registered at the land registry you can obtain what is called an office copy comprising a title plan and register details. you can also obtain co

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usual question that everybody asks after their deeds have been filed away . looking out from my back door, which fence is my responsibility- the right side or the left side? the 'best side facing you is your neighbours responsibility' won't do in this case i'm afraid as the fence on my right looks equal from my side and my neighbours

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how do i know which fence is mine? one of the most commonly asked questions regarding fencing is 'which fence is mine?'. learn who is responsible for your fence, wall or general boundary. it's not always clear who owns which fence or boundary, and its widely acknowledged that fencing can be the source of neighborly disputes.

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garden fence law which fence is mine? most likely, due to the precedent-based legal system in the uk , there isnt a strict law regarding the boundary between two properties, be it a fence or a hedge, in terms of whose responsibility it is to install, repair or maintain it.

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answers. a fence is merely a fence that is built on top of someone's property. i learned this when moving into my new house; it backs to a stream but there is a fence way closer to my house than the stream. however, my property actually goes all the way up to the water, the fence is just there for other purposes.

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personalised boundary report prepared by expert boundary solicitors. which fence is mine? find out which boundary fence or feature is your responsibility.

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if youre ever wondering: 'which side of the fence is mine?' if there has been damage or maintenance is needed, speak to your neighbour. the majority of the time, theyll be just as keen as you are to come to a mutual agreement and resolve the issue. is the garden fence covered by my home insurance?

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which fence is mine? 29th july 2018 while there is a saying that good fences make good neighbours, fences can often be a source of major disagreement between neighbours.

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which fence is mine and can i replace even if not mine? post by dealam wed feb 22, 2012 3:24 pm hi there have recently moved into a house with a rather delapidated fence on the right hand side. the house to the right is rented out and in pretty bad condition generally, and i would quite like to replace this fence.