troubles with tongue and groove flooring

tongue and groove troubles

re: tongue and groove troubles red dirt remindered me of a trick i've used before but it was attaching warp oak flooring to 3/4 ply, i cut two pieces lenghwise at about a 30 degree angle. i would screw the first piece to the plywood and drive the second piece into the wedge between the screwed down piece and the flooring i was trying to attach.

how to install engineered tongue and groove flooring

a step by step guide on how to install engineeered tongue and groove flooring over underlay. a step by step guide on how to install engineeered tongue and groove flooring over underlay.

common laminate and floating floor problems with

4 apply a resinous pva adhesive to the cut edges and replace the board by aligning the groove on the replacement board with the tongue of the abutting board, and snap back into place. 5 make sure all edges are even on either side of the joints. utilize a heavy object to apply pressure for at least 24 hours.

what is tongue and groove flooring? hunker

most tongue-and-groove flooring materials are wood, or wood derivatives, and fall into one of three types: solid wood, engineered and laminate. the most common shape or form of tongue-and-groove flooring is the plank, which ranges from about 2 1/4 to 6 inches wide and is sold in a variety of lengths to create the attractive 'staggered' look of

difficulty coupling tongue and groove troubleshooting

during a wood flooring installation, difficulty in coupling tongue with groove may be experienced on engineered wood flooring. this problem is more often reported by diy installers than professionals fitters, who usually find a way to resolve the solution.

10 uses for wood flooring scraps this old house

cut the tongue off a length of flooring; cut four mitered pieces groove-side in to fit the size of your glass, which will rest in the channels. nail frame pieces together and finish the edges. screw a block of scrap wood, mitered at one end, into the back.

what you need to know about tongue and groove flooring

tongue and groove flooring has a tongue side that sticks out and a receiving groove side that is indented. each floor board can slide into place because the tongue side can slide into the groove side. this allows a simple vertical movement to slide your floor boards together and into place during installation.

what is the tongue and groove on laminate flooring?

the tongue and groove are important because they keep your flooring locked together. a damaged tongue and groove on laminate flooring can cause improper installation or instability. when installing, be patient with the tongue and groove. some floors click together easier than others, and some floors require slightly different locking techniques.

pro tips for tongue and groove flooring

pro tips for tongue and groove flooring. construction how-to, flooring installation, Seven Trust february 14, 2007 sonia. prep, layout, installation and finishing tips for tongue and groove floors. installing tongue-and-groove floorsengineered, pre-finished or bare woodis among the most popular diy projects, and for good reason. you dont

prefer the look of non tongue and groove flooring--problems?

are we asking for trouble by simply laying the planks next to each other and face nailing? if this is fine in the short run, are there long term issues that come from not having the planks connected to each other? i would glue also. the tongue and groove help prevent any boards lifting up or twisting. i think you might have issues with

tongue and groove vs. plank flooring

advantages of tongue and groove flooring. one of the main advantages of tongue and groove flooring is that the final product fits together snugly, and will make the wood floor look seamless unlike traditional plank flooring that requires nails to be hammered into each plank to connect them . the tongue part of tongue and groove usually