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how to build a deer fence in 7 easy steps. you work hard to cultivate the plants, trees, bushes, vegetables, and flowers on your propertyâand am leonard will . set your posts around the perimeter of the garden.. with the deer fence now in place, there are no more worries of the garden being destroyed by them eating .

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generally, build a barrier fence. in rare cases electric fences fill the bill, as when you have a large commercial garden you dont want to fence in or cant afford to surround with a barrier fence. but most gardens that people want to fence are smallish vegetable gardens between 20 and 100 feet on a side.

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how to build a deer fence double fence: two fences spaced a few feet apart, regardless of height, can also work. electric fence: if youre able to maintain it, an electric fence can be a great deer barrier. modified fence: if your garden already has a shorter fence that isnt working,

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how to build a deer fence - attaching the fencing connect the fence from the bottom of the first post to the top. fasten your monofilament wire along the top of the fence. continue connecting fencing to your posts. fasten the fence to the ground using bottom ground stakes.

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i have no issues with deer getting into my garden while he usually has 4 or 5 in his garden every night. i ran into the same results when i tried the electric fence. as they can see the wire, they

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create a plan. ideally, you want your garden completely protected from deer. however, you still need room to navigate the garden beds. plan to build your fence at least 2 feet out from your garden beds. this allows plenty of space to walk and kneel to work in the beds.

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how to build your own deer proof garden enclosures designing for deer. the height of the fence depends on the materials and the design. material decisions. inexpensive black nylon mesh deer fencing or wire mesh fencing are unobtrusive sturdy and strong. firmly anchored fences can withstand the

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the chosen area needed about 24 yards of dirt to fill in and get level. to keep deer and other wildlife from eating our crops i built a simple fence around the garden.

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i put a good deal of thought into protective fencing after last years garden was very much destroyed by deer and rabbits. the rabbits actually built a burrow nest at the gardens edge and the

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1. choose the type of fence you need. first things first: youll need to determine the height of your deer fence. choose from heights of 4, 6, 6.5, or 7.5 feet and from mesh holes of 1.77-inch x 1.96-inch best for deer , 1.75-inch x 2-inch good for deer , or 0.75-inch x 1-inch best for smaller animals . make note of the height and mesh you need. 2.

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tactic 2: put up the right kind of garden deer fence. because of this, a double fence can be an effective tool to prevent deer damage in the garden. surround the exterior of your yard or garden with a four- to five-foot tall picket fence, then erect a second fence of the same height about five feet inside of the first one.

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not wanting to do any harm to the deer, but wanting to protect her little garden we decided to help my mother build a deer-proof fence. i couldnt believe how easy it was: when i moved to our property on farm to market road in whitefish, mt, i chose to build a deer-proof fence to last 100 years.

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single strand electric fences are simple to erect. once you have the wire installed, run it to posts set into concrete at intervals of about 5 feet. single strand electric is useful when deer populations are low. run the strand 30 inches off the ground and mark the fence at intervals with bright tape.

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how to build a deer fence step 1: determine the fence line. step 2: mark the post distance. step 3: install your posts. step 4: install the fencing material. step 5: install rodent barrier fence **. step 6: install your cable system. step 7: stake down your fence.

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how to build a deer fence. as long as it is sturdy when you are through is all that matters. fencing: again, nothing fancy is necessary. chicken wire will be sufficient or any other type of roll up fencing. hammer fence staples or heavy duty wire ties step 1 set your posts set your posts around the perimeter of the garden.

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today we'll show you how to build a fence that keeps deer out this works, we tried this 2 years ago in the orchard and garden and it completely stopped the deer problems we were having on the